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Oct 17, 2006 07:58 PM

Drexel Hill area residents???

We are possibly moving to Drexel Hill and are wondering what local dining options we will have:
- a great place for delivery take-out or pick-up
- great pizza
- great, edible quality Chinese food
- sushi
- bagels
- any nice places for a local, casual dinner
- any brunch spots

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  1. Why move to Drexel Hill? Just wondering. I used to live there, your choices are pretty limited right in Drexel Hill. There is a pretty good grocery store (FreshGrocer), but the only place I can heartily recommend for dinner is Maggie O'Neal's (at least I think it's called that, it's been a while), specifically their downstairs dining room. Luckily you're not far from Springfield, though most restaurants in that area are chains. Media is also a pretty short drive and has quite a few good restaurants: the Koffee Korner is great for breakfast.

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      FreshGrocer is AWESOME !! Fish, produce, meats clearly superior to any chain supermarket in the area, and very well-priced. Brick-oven pizza, and an array of pre-cooked stuff to take back..

      I thought it was Molly O'Dooles, but it might be Maggie O'Neal's .. This is the closest fake Irish bar I have ever seen to a REAL Irish bar. Try the turkey sandwich with real mashed potatoes, or the fish and chips, or the sausage in puff pastry !!

      Media is not really far, and has lots of quaint little joints to grab a brunch. Also Kennett Square and Chadds Ford are just a few more miles.

      Don't get me started on the Latin American stuff to be had in Upper Darby ... El Sol (Peruvian) is INCREDIBLE !!! Nice Korean as well.

    2. Chinese food - Szechuan Hill on Townshipline Road in same shopping center with Pat's Pizza. For pizza I would either do the Drexeline Shopping center fresh grocer - grocery store makes pizza to order...or Pizza Nostra behind that shopping center.

      Sushi I would go to Sampan Inn in Havertown.

      Restaurants - Picas in Upper Darby is not far and always reliable for Italian, no frills, and reasonably priced.

      Nais Cuisine in Havertown is French Vietnamese BYO and consistently good.

        1. Indian grocery stores are popping up in Upper D.,probably means restaurants to follow.

          1. JB Dawsons Restaurant- great casual dining. Excellent BIG salads!