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Any where to eat near new Fairway in Red Hook??

Any suggestions.

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  1. Fairway itself; 360; Good Fork; and that new tiny wine and small plate place. Oh, it's called Tiny or Tini I think.

    Baked for baked items and sandwiches.

    1. El Huipil on Sullivan St. for Mexican. The food can be inconsistent, but if you hit them right, it's pretty good.

      1. I second 360. It's one of my favorites in NYC. I know the menu changes very often (is it daily?) so the spaztle that I had there probably won't be available but at my table with 4 people, it was the clear standout. Do let them help with wine selection... the sommelier is very friendly when you ask his advice and he clearly loves his job. I think he's a partner.

        enjoy :)

        1. I second The Good Fork - really great addition to the area. Run by a husband and wife team - he runs the front of house she is the exec chef. Excellent creative dishes -both new American & Korean (steak and kimchee for instance)- their pork dumplings are killer, one of the best cheeseburgers in the world, fabulous pan seared scallops,plus fish and pasta dishes. Great atmosphere and service. Highly regarded restaurant. Give it a try.

          1. Depends when you go. Throughtout the late spring, summer and early fall (October 22 is the last day), the Red Hook Ballfields is the place to go on the weekends (11 AM - 7 PM) for superb local latin american food from papusas to ceviche.

            1. WHEN is definitely the question, as both The Good Fork and 360 are only open for DINNER. In addition, The Good Fork is closed Mondays and 360 closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

              On a weekday lunchtime, if you are driving, drop by Defonte for a good Italian sandwich.

              1. red hook ballfields rules for a taste of the world

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                    There still going strong today - stopped by after the trip to Fairway for pupusas - as always - out of this world!

                  2. please don't underestimate Hope & Anchor or Liberty Heights Tap Room. H&A has burgers plus some pretty fancy schmantzy stuff. Try the freshly made orangeade and a hot brown. LHTR has brick oven pizza and beer. Including their own brew and pizza with goat cheese.....

                    And there's always Pioneer BBQ....

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                      i hate to be a naysayer but i've had some bad experiences at hope & anchor - namely very spoiled food on two occasions (twice rancid banana cream pie and once extremely rotten tomatos in a salad). too bad, because i liked the place.

                    2. I'm not all that impressed with Pioneer's barbeque, but the bar itself is a lot of fun. It feels like the hippest smalltown / beach town bar you've ever been to.

                      1. Liberty Heights Tap Room has a Friday night special on mussels--among the biggest I've had, and delicious. And the Six Points beers they have on tap are so so good.