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Oct 17, 2006 07:26 PM

Christening My Mixer

I just got a Kitchenaid professional mixer. I'm very excited.

So what should I make with it first?

It feels sort of like a first date. I want it to be memorable. Pizza dough seems obvious and classic, or maybe donuts (just watched the donuts Good Eats). Any other suggestions? I'm game for anything.

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  1. Pizza dough is just as easy in a food processor, I don't think using a mixer is much time or labor saving over handmade.

    I would do a cake, one that needs the kind of creaming/voluminizing that is harder to get from a hand mixer. The rhubarb babycakes from Baking with Julia come to mind (I made as one big cake in a slope sided skillet), or how about brioch dough? For simple, do an angelfood cake, google for Flo Braker's pretty foolproof version. Or Gand Gand has a terrific tangerine glazed one.

    Btw, the whisk does a pretty good job on a large bowlful of mashed potatoes, gets them smooth and not gummy.

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      Those recipes sounded so good, I looked to see if they were available online:

      Rhubarb Babycakes

      Tangerine Pound Cake

      1. re: maviris

        Thank you for the great research! I really appreciate it.

        I've never been able to find her Tangerine Angel Food Cake (not pound cake) since I first made it, and it was the best I've ever made, or had. Angelfood on it's own can be kind of underwhelming (but 10x better than store bought!) and this really is a special version. You might have to alot a quarter cake per person.

        The rhubarb upside down cake is lovely. My book is packed away, so it is great to find online. I am still seeing some rhubarb in the store and a farmer's market I know has a late blooming all-green kind.

        I like rhubarb, but more important, it is a fine buttercake and not gross and coarse as the traditional upside down cakes found in--well, you know what books. I wish they had given other 'bottoms' to make, because I'm sure you could use other fruits.

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        If you decide to make brioche with your new mixer, BE CAREFUL! I burned mine out making multiple batches of brioche(the JC recipe from Baking w/ Julia). There is a warning on the dough hook not to go higher than a certain speed when using it, heed it! The KA people replaced my mixer, but I think twice now about what I'll make with it. They just don't make them like they used to...
        JC babycake recipe IS delicious!