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Oct 17, 2006 07:24 PM

Maine Lobster Rolls & More

Just back from our annual "Lobster Roll" trip to Maine.
We found really good lobster rolls at the Lobsterman's Co-op in Boothbay Harbor.
Thanks to all of you who suggested this place.
The Pemaquid Lobsterman's Co-op was just a bit better however as we liked the light mayo flavor they added to the lobster rolls.
Shaws in New Harbor were the biggest rolls of all and they were good also.
Larsen's Lunch Box,who used to have real great(and huge lobster rolls)reopened this year and they were the worst rolls we had.
A bun 1/2 filled with lettuce and then made to look like heaped with lobster meat was a good trick.
Since they had the cheapest($13.95/roll)prices maybe that is why they added so much lettuce.(LOL).
I believe that all of these places have closed for the season.
Everyone has a different opinion about what the 'best'lobster roll is anyways.
We did manage to drive right by Red's in Wiscasst on the way up however.
The line at Red's was long,the traffic through Wiscasset was slow as usual,and we just didn't want the hassle.
I don't think their lobster rolls are worth the wait!
Thanks for the Sea Basket adive also!
We too now agree that their chowders are among the best we've ever had.
We also tried Karen's just North of Wiscasset on Rt. 1.
Great little diner;homemade foods and a nice local crowd.
We also had our usual gourmet dinner at the Bradley Inn at Pemaquid Point.
The food is purely gourmet but bring lots of $$$$$ as everything is ala carte.
We got to try Polly's Pancake Parlor up in Sugar Hill,N.H. thnaks to you all you told us about the place.
I have to agree that the pancakes were about the best I've ever had and the smoked meats were out-of-this-world.
We had lunch and dinner at the Mt. Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods as well.
An elegant place with 1st class food.
Both meals were great and the view was outstanding as you looked out on the Cog Railway climbing Mt. Washington.
This place is not to be missed.
We also tried the Grand Hotel in Whitefield as was mentioned by a few here but it took forever to get anyone to serve us a drink.
Several other couples at the bar left in dusgust at the slow service.
The drinks were fine but since we didn't see anyone else eating,or even attempting to eat there,we left too.
The Littleton Diner is still serving about the best breakfast around imo.
Tht homemade hash is still the best going.

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  1. Thanks for your report. I heartily agree on the Littleton Diner's hash. We spent a week in Wiscasset last summer but missed Karen's. We'll have to go back. We also stopped to view the menu at Fat Boy's in Brunswick but were on our way to Five Islands. Their lobster roll was much cheaper than anyplace else. Probably should have tried one.

    1. If you like the Bradley Inn, you can buy it for a measly 2.7 million. Been on the market for a while.

      Lucky for you, you avoided the lobster roll at the Seagull shop at the lighthouse. Im not a huge lobster roll fan (i would rather get fresh lobster out of the shell) but I grabbed one there for my walk home this summer. If you could get a lobster roll out of a vending machine, I imagine this is what it would be like.Bleh... (you can buy that place too, been for sale for years now)

      1. I didn't know the Bradley was for sale.
        I heard that the Sea Gull Shop was "available" for $2.5MM and that the Hotel Pemaquid was "down" to $2.5MM also.
        We had breakfast at the Sea Gull Shop(the Bristol Diner is much,much better.
        The Guilford Ice Cream at the Sea Gull Shop was very, very good however.
        The Bradley is open all yr. long I was told but the place never seems that busy when we are there around Columbus Day.
        The food is excellent but very $$$$$.
        Dfrostnh,you might want to try the Sea Basket just N. of Wiscasset which several folks mentioned here.
        Their chowders were really good.

        1. I had a Red's lobster roll for the first time this summer, and I wasn't impressed. I like the Clam Shack (I think that is what it is called) in Kennebunkport. I also had a really good one - maybe the best I ever had - at the little general store at Popham Beach. This was probably because they had run out of cooked lobster, so they cooked the lobster that went in my roll as I waited, so it was REALLY fresh.

          1. hi catnip

            GREAT report.

            i have new on a place in kent, CT that you MUST goto! its called restaurant moosilauke and there is no www, but my sister who lives in CT has been there 4-5 times now and finally got me a copy of their menu and its TO DIE FOR. if you get this, reply and i will write out some of the highlights. i cannot WAIT to go.

            ps- am going to JA 11/16 for my bday :)