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Oct 17, 2006 07:21 PM

sunday dining in rome

looks like the places i've picked are all closed sunday. does anyone have recc's?

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  1. you might want to do a search on the this Board as well as the International Board (which picks up pre-cnet Italy posts) if you dont get additional input here. this has definitely been discussed before.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      thanks jen
      i did not know about the int'l board, and that was most helpful. (especially all of those great comments made by you!!!)
      mille grazie

      1. re: mrud

        you're welcome - Im sure the board archives will get sorted eventually - a wayaround this is to do a site search instead of searching on an individual board page - it will pick up the posts wherever.

        Sunday in or around Rome can be really pleasant.

        By the way, I noticed that the Slowfood site is back up and functioning again - I think you can start from this page on the italian site - there are a couple of the listed places in Rome for Sunday, more outside the city proper.

    2. New Years Eve this years falls on a Sunday. I have to beleive that restaurants will stay open for that. (I have going out for New Years in San Fransico - I find the food and the service suffer). Does anyone have any recommendation? We are a family of 5 - kids 19,18 and 14. Thanks in advance.

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        Weve spent two New Years Eve's in Rome (both while renting apartments) and didnt wind up going out. I think there are a lot of parties at homes and in restaurants for which you would want to reserve ahead and little normal walk-in restaurant business. (Last time, our upstairs neighbors were up most of the night. We had fun, the millenium year going out to the Piazza Venezia for the countdown in a crowd full of happy people drinking (and spraying) asti spumante. Your kids would enjoy that (ours did). There are lots of special events and concerts at this time, too. If you search on "International" you may find some stuff posted last year about Capodanno. There is also a lot on the web on the topic. New Years Day is very relaxed in Rome. IMO a good day to walk the Appian Way or visit Ostia Antica (check opening schedules)

      2. The original comment has been removed