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Oct 17, 2006 07:03 PM

Newport or Huntington Beach

I'm entertaining 10 biz execs this weekend all from elsewhere (me too). Variety of tastes. Looking for the best possible food and atmosphere for dinner, but not pretentious or overly formal. Ocean views are a plus. We are staying at the Huntington Beach Hyatt.

Recommendations? Websites or links to reviews would be especially appreciated.


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  1. Mastro's Ocean Club, Newport Coast-great view, great food-bar can be a bit of a "scene," but it's not overly pretentious

    1. Good call, but you better call asap as they book up the weekend rather quickly.

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        Already booked up--other ideas?

      2. In the same plaza, there's Bluefin.

        Here's my recent review and pics.


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          1. I'd do 21 Oceanfront - right on the pier, food is very good - nothing cutting edge, but always excellent & broad selection. There's a room downstairs they might make private for you.

            The California at the Hyatt HB is also excellent, but it is a little on the formal side.

            Both Blue Water Grill & the Cannery have other than fish on their menu & would be fun.

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              Bummer about Ocean Club. Costa Mesa is not to far away and they have a Mastro's Steakhouse there.

              Other options in Newport are Gulfstream, Flemings and Bungalow. Simllar vibe... upscale yet not to stuffy. Sorry to say that I think 21 Oceanfront is overly formal and geriatric.

              You might also consider the new Blue Coral next to Flemings in Fashion Island. I had a great Cioppino there a few weeks ago. My other companions were not as happy with their meals though.

              If anyone recommends Landmark in Corona del Mar you should say thanks but no thanks.

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                I really like the Bungalow. I'd recommend this as your back-up. Ask for patio seating or the room downstairs.

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                  I agree to & don;t know why I didn;t think of Bungalow - it's not ocean view, but is excellent & fun. Ask for a table on the patio or in the downstairs room.