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Oct 17, 2006 06:31 PM


Going to be traveling up the Lost Coast and was wondering if any cowhounds had any good reccomendations for lunch/dinner in either Ferndale, Eureka or Arcata?

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  1. In the absence of a wide variety of other "chowish" places, I still think it's worth it to visit the Samoa Cookhouse. You won't leave hungry or commenting about the cuisine, but you will have seen a very unique place and artifact.

    1. Just got back from my trip along the north coast and my wife and my favorite suprise was La Petite Maison in Ferndale. We stayed at the shaw house which is almost next door and once we ate at La Petite Maison, that became our place. I recommend the roasted garlic pizza and the soups. Had to share with my wife but then again, I was able to get some roasted pork sandwich (with a cabage and cilantro slaw). I'm a sucker for fresh breads and good pizza dough.


      1. Just north of Arcata is Trinidad. In that small Village is a restaurant called Larrupin'. It is a delightful place with great service and even greater food.

        1658 Patrisk's Point Drive

        Phone (707) 677-0230