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Oct 17, 2006 06:24 PM

cafeterias or southern buffet food

I am from the south and my grandmother used to take me to cafeterias like Morrison's and Picadilly....also salad bars & all you can eat buffets like Duff's, Stacy's, Holiday House and Golden Corral. These type of places were a favorite of my grandma and her senior citizen friends. The food is all out in the open so you can pick what you like, and the veggies are overcooked and salty or in casserole form. I am pregnant and CRAVING :) my old comfort food. I can't find anything like that here is NYC. Does anyone know of a place like this in the NYC, NY, or New England area? My tummy thanks you! ;)

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  1. It's not all you can eat, but it's a real, craving-fulfilling Southern buffet: Soul Spot, at the edge of downtown Brooklyn and Boerum Hill,
    302 Atlantic Ave. between Hoyt and Smith. Sts. Flourescent lights, friendliness and frugal prices; I love the place. Their website: