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Oct 17, 2006 06:23 PM

best cookie in L.A, or mail order

I need massive amounts of cookies for party. No cosco please! HELP!

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  1. I love Isabella's Cookies:

    They sell at various retail locations (I noticed them at Famima!!), but I highly suggest ordering online to get a freshly baked batch for you. The "mini-cookies" are about the size of a Chips Ahoy & the regular size are a monstrous 1/3 pound each.

    All of them are pretty good- but personal fave is Mocha Monster (made with 5 shots of espresso per regular cookie!) and it doesn't taste over-coffeed


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      just want i was looking for, thanks a million!

      1. re: AquaW

        BTW, I picked up a bag of Isabella from the Promenade. And, I am such a glutton, I ate 4 of them. They are screaming my name from the freezer, and I want to save them!!!

        They are really, really good. I tried the original. I also saw them at Mothers Market in Irvine.

        You know what else is really good? Pacific Whey Cafe in Newport Beach. Those are some fine, fine cookies. Beautiful consistency, and flavor. Not too sugary. Just perfect. I believe they do special orders, but you have to pick them up, I would think.

      2. The cookies at Bees Knees Bakery in Pasadena are yummy and reasonably priced. They are use to catering large parties so just call ahead and let them know how many you need. The PB cookies are especially good.

        1. Diddy Riese in Westwood Village is popular. Mrs. Beasley's if you want high-end.

          1. Snookies Cookies in Glendale/burbank, or

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              I agree, Snookies Cookies are unbelievable

              1. re: Newkie

                I received Snookies in the mail a few years ago and found them to be too heavy/greasy. The packaging was completely soaked and they left you with that 'i just ate a rock and now it's sitting in my stomach' feeling.

                1. re: The Oracle

                  Snookies are indeed heavy, but I would call them rich, not greasy. But of course, a pound of good cookies does have a whole stick of butter in it.

                  I'd much rather have a heavy snookies cookies then four of Mrs. Beasley's airy-tasteless nibbles.

            2. Jamaica's Cakes make delicious cookies and she will do special orders. I recommend the shortbread dipped in caramel and chocolate. Everything else from her bakery is fabulous too! She's really nice as is he husband. Here is their website: