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Oct 17, 2006 06:00 PM

Dommy & P. in SF Pt. 4: Good Luck Dim Sum, Polly Ann Ice Cream and one last piece of Cake!

Okay first off...

NOTE to Non-Chowhounds, Non-Cooks and the generally squimish: I am going to link some pictures of ‘parts’, things with eyes and some that is still breathing (But not for long... mwah-haha)...

NOTE to Chowhounds and especially lovers of Chinese food and Cheap Chow... I’m going to post pictures which may cause sudden and irrational cravings dim sum. (Why do you think it took me so long to write this darn post... It’s been haunting me for weeks now... Hmmm...)

You all have been warned...

And so we finally have came to our final day on our trip to the bay area. Since we had a wedding the afternoon through the evening, we only had one grand meal left on Sunday Morning. And we knew EXACTLY how to blow it out... we took a trip to Good Luck Dim Sum on Clement... :)

A small storefront ‘dim sum’ bakery it offers an amazing variety of dim sum items for great prices (Usually 3 pieces for about 1.50). Seeing the crowd and the constant stream of HUGE fresh trays of dim sum making it’s way it to the counter, I knew I didn’t need “Good Luck” at this place at all... I needed a bigger stomach!!

So basically we wanted one of EVERYTHING. But tried hard just to stick to our favorite items... but being Dim Sum fans... that still proved to be too much...

First off, I had have the Glutinous Rice Balls. It was wonderfully sticky and greasy at the same time. Tons of flavor and lots of flecks of chewy pork all through out...

The Lotus Leaf ‘Tamales” were also very good, with the filling being a mixture of both ground pork and Chinese sausage

I adored the Spinach and Shrimp dumpling. The shrimp was just perfect, not stringy chewy. And fresh tasting and in big pieces...

The Sharkfin Dumpling was also really tasty. And just full of meat!

My favorite though is always the shui mai. This pork version was not the most delicate I’ve had, but it certainly was flavorful and the filling was pure pork. No squishy filler like other places.

The Turnip Cakes were also great with big pieces of pork and lots of scallion. The Egg Custard Cups were okay, the custard was a bit too mooshy, but the egg flavor was very nice. The Bao also had plenty of tasty filling as well, it was light and fluffy, not too chewy. And the Taro Dumplings were SO good... Not greasy or overly sweet.

What surprised me most about this place, wasn’t the prices (Which were great, our huge tray of food was about $20) nor was it the quality of the food (Nothing felt ‘skimpy’) but the variety of dim sum and how WELL they executed it all. Usually a Dim Sum place does one thing REALLY well and then falls flat on an other. This place really did all the items, including their complex fillings and various wrappers well. So while it wasn’t my BEST Dim Sum experience, it’s on top of the list of a dim sum meal I’ve enjoyed the most.

After gorging ourselves, we had to go for a walk. SO lived in the neighborhood a few years ago and was eager to check out some new places, including a BIG Chinese Supermarket. We walked into the grocery aisles and it was all pretty standard stuff, until we got to the “bulk supplies” We laughed at the gallon drums of Soy Sauce and Peanut oil. But SO stopped in his tracks when he saw the TUB of Kewpie...

I knew I had to drag him out of there before it would find it’s way home with us, so I walked over the Butcher/Seafood side of the market and I was in heaven...

The first thing that caught my eye was the frogs. Now, I had seen frog legs at LOTS of grocers, not just Chinese, but these Frogs were FROGS.

SO being a Kermit the Frog fan was not amused. So we continued to walk down, and another cool thing about the market was how much of it was ‘open air’ just huge piles of ice and lots of ‘stuff’ on it. SO saw two separate piles of Chicken Feet on the ice. One had a grade A, one had a grade B. We’d never seen grades of Chicken Feet before so we surmised that the chubbier grade A were for eating like at Dim Sum... The skinnier grade B went to soups...

Then at the end of the aisle, were just a HUGE pile of Chicken Carcasses to finish your broth. Again, I’d always asked if they had any in the ‘back’, I’ve never seen them displayed just for the taking tho’..

In the cases they had all manner of Pork and Beef, including the most COMPLETE fig’s feet I’ve ever seen... A braiser’s dream

Of course, they had fish. Very nice fish actually most being clearly tagged as to origin like this domestic Tilapia

After the market, we had our final social call which put us DANGEROUSLY close to Polly Ann Ice Cream. SO dreams of their durian ice cream, so we made a stop. It wasn’t ANYTHING quite how I expected. I imagined a gourmet ice shop. Instead it looked a bit like a goofy Baskin Robbins with that pick your flavor wheel...

Not being a Durian fan, I decided to try two of their other flavors, the 4 C, Chocolate, Cherry, Champagne and Coffee. It was good, but as I feared a bit to ‘busy’ no one flavor really popped. The second scoop was black sesame, one of my favorite desserts and in ice cream form it TOTALLY rocked. YUM... Now, when we get our ice cream maker, the first flavor I plan to experiment with is black sesame... :


And from Polly Ann we had a wedding to rush off to. I won’t bore you with too many details, it was beautiful and lots of fun. As was my whole trip to SF. I had a wonderful time in your city SF Hounds. I look forward to visiting again soon. And I’ll leave with my last little piece of honest to goodness chow that I had in SF. The homemade wedding cake from the wedding...


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  1. What a fun post to read, thanks. Glad you enjoyed your eats and all the cool stuff on Clement street.

    *heads off to Lucky Dim Sum*

    1. My nearby hair stylist put me onto Good Luck a few years ago and in my book it's just the best. I like some of your favorites: the taro dumplings, the chive dumplings, the cha sieu bao. Also the deep-fried sticky rice pork turnovers. Everything tastes pristinely fresh and the price is right, although they do tend to run out of things as the afternoon wears on.

      Unless they've changed the menu recently, that shrimp and spinach dumpling is actually shrimp and chive (another favorite of mine).

      1. Hi Dommy! Thanks for your series of reports. I read each and every one of them and enjoyed the vivid details and photos. I'm impressed that that was a homemade wedding cake!

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        1. re: Carb Lover

          Yeah! They did a great job and it was JUST lopsided enough to be charming... It really suited the wedding LOL!! :)