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Oct 17, 2006 05:59 PM

wine/cheese/beer in Hell's Kitchen?

i remember walking by a wine/cheese/beer shop near port authority a week or two ago but i can't find anything on the internet about it. i think it was newly remodeled/expanded. looked nice from the outside. wondering if anyone can help me out with this. thanks.

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  1. It's north of Port Authority by a good 6 blocks, but I'm almost certain that you're referring to the 9th Avenue Vintner (between 46th and 47th on 9th Avenue), which just recently opened the Vintner Cafe next-door. Adding to the confusion, there's also a wine bar called Riposo on the other side of the wine shop. I'll give a plug for the Vintner Cafe-- the wines are great (by the glass and bottle), and they'll also let you buy something next-door at 9th Ave Vintner and drink it there (for a small corkage fee, of course).



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      My girlfriend and I stumbled onto this place while searching for a good Sunday brunch. The inside is a little small but classy. We sat at the bar and happened to be helped by the co-owner/manager of the place. He was really friendly and recommended an excellent bottle of prosecco. I had their omelette special and my girlfriend had the grilled toast.. excellent food! I learned that the chef has worked for many years at the Hell's Kitchen Restaurant(Cafe?) that's nearby. Apparently at least one of the owners of Riposo 46 are partnered with the guys that own Hell's Kitchen. Anyway, we had a great time chatting with him and he even gave us a couple samples of the wines he was drinking. Anyway, this place just opened this year and it seems like they will have much success...

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        I live in the neighborhood and don't know how I ever survived without the beer/cheese store just north of the 9th Avenue Vinter! I've been a devoted customer of the vinter, but was thrilled when the upscale beer and cheese place opened up right next door. The cheeses in their market are incredible (my present favorites are the cheddar made with Guinness, and cheddar with horseradish), their beers can be sold by the bottle or 6 packs you create yourself, and their sandwiches hit the hunger spot. Did I mention fondue at the bar in the back of the store? A real gem in our neighborhood with quality you can't find at even the best grocery stores.