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Oct 17, 2006 05:52 PM

Need restaurant suggestion in VEGAS

I'm working on narrowing down a list of restaurants in vegas that we can go to on our anniversary. Clearly, looking for something nice, but I'd rather it be nice and comfortable, as opposed to nice and sufficatingly ritzy, or nice, but cheesy and touristy. I was looking at a place called Aureole in Mandalay Bay. Food is supposed to be good, etc.

No real preference for menu, but steaks or seafood or italian are preferred.

Any ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Many people have posted not so kind things about the food at aureole; my own last time there I thought the food was pretty substandard. In the Mandalay Bay, Fleur de Lys is a lot better and probably not much more pricy. I would also think about Delmonico, at the Venetian; Alize, at the Palm (very nice traditional French food, great views; the only downside is that the Palm itself can get pretty crowded); and Verandah at the Four Seasons.