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Oct 17, 2006 05:51 PM

My Paris Dining Itinerary for Next Week

Le Baratin


Dominique Bouchet

Le Dôme


* * *
(then Amsterdam


Tempo Doeloe

Envy for lunch
Christophé for dinner


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  1. Le Baratin, Le Dome and Taillevent (especially if you're looking for a traditional 3 star experience and the price is "reasonable") are excellent choices. I have never been to Dominque Bouchet, though, I've read mostly good reports. I think you can do better than Bofinger, which I enjoy with friends after going to the Opera Bastille. The food is so so. If you do go, make sure you are seated in the main floor (not upstair) for the wonderful decor, otherwise, you will miss the primary draw of the place. If you are looking for a moderate price restaurant for Sunday night...there are better choices foodwise.
    I ate at Tempo Doeloe 3 years ago...excellent Indonesia food.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I suppose Bofinger DOES stick out like a sore thumb. I will admit that Bofinger is a sentimental favorite (we took our first trip to Paris 10 years ago when we were young and less food-savvy and have great, wine-addled photos from it...!). I agree about the main floor. I find that if I stick to mostly raw-bar stuff, I can suffer the cuisine. On the other hand, we used to think we really liked a place called Le Coupe-Chou in (or near) the Latin Quarter, but finally outgrew it a few trips back....

      1. If you go to the International section here and do a search for Tempo Doeloe, there are some recent writeups about meals there. At least you'll get to read a bit about the food and what was tried. Everyone seems to have their favorite Indonesian in Amsterdam... we enjoyed Samo Seboe a lot.

        1. I had the good fortune of living in Amsterdam for a year, all meals (including wine) paid for by my company, a true chowhound dream.

          Our favorite restaurant was la rive and, at the time, it was a drop dead bargain. I also combed their wine list and found some amazing bargains. Christophé is great and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

          Temple Doeloe is excellent but I felt there was better. There was a little place once you crossed the old bridge that was my favorite...sorry, don't know the name of it or if its still there. Anyone? Had a couple of good meals at Indrapura in the rembrandtplein and they had a very interesting wine list with some older rioja.

          I seem to remember the apple pie/coffee was very good in the rijks...though last time I went it was closed for renovation.

          1. Bofinger doesn't provide value for dollar. It's that simple. Across the street, on the corner to the west, is Le Dôme de la Bastille, vastly preferable.

            Speaking of restaurants Les Dômes, the other Marais Dôme, Le Dôme du Marais is preferable to the more famous Le Dôme (Montparnasse), cheaper and offers better food. (That's three Dômes all together. Don't get confused.)

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              Still speaking of Domes (sorry, my circumflex is busted), I'll second the comment on Le Dome de la Bastille. Excellent fish, reasonable pricing for the quality. Downstairs is crowded and high energy at dinner; upstairs is more serene, though Americans tend to get tucked away out of sight. And LeNotre and Dalloyau across the street if you're still feeling peckish.

              Le Dome du Marais is worth a look--it's a former state-run pawn shop, like the various Monte Piedads. There's an impressive glass dome in the main room. Our last meal (lunch) there was disappointing: so-so, slightly Asian food, and service neglectful even though the place was practically empty.