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Oct 17, 2006 05:48 PM

Suggestion for 30-person dinner in Studio City/Universal Studios/Hollywood area

Looking for a good place to eat, that'll accommodate 30 people for dinner. No Hometown Buffet or Todai. Thanks!

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  1. Recently I researched places to host a friend's 40th birthday party and one of the places at the top of our list was Vibrato Grill, which is at the top of Beverly Glen near Mulholland. It's gotten good reviews for food, and they have a space upstairs that accommodates private parties. It ended up being a bit too pricey for our group of 20 (they had a set minimum for groups over a certain size), but for a group of 30, it might work.

    1. Good Lord, I think that's the first time this board has been polluted by the name of the Hometown Buffet.

      What kind of food? What price point?

      My first suggestion would be to get a room at Ca' del Sole.

      1. Universal Hilton has a big private room with a glass ceiling. I haven't eaten there for dinner, but have been for brunch. Their food is pretty delicious and international.

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          Asian preferably, but not limited to it. Affordable. Thanks everyone.