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Oct 17, 2006 05:43 PM

west village near angelika cozy tasty mod priced italian

we're taking a couple out for a birthday dinner, thinking something cozy, nice, Italian, moderately priced. we're thinking of seeing a movie at the angelika afterwards, so something relatively close would be good. want it to not be overly touristy, if possible. thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. check this board for posts on Bianca. really cute, cozy, nice, moderate Italian.

    make sure you read the posts that say not to get the artichoke appetizer but to be sure that someone in your party gets the lasagna.

    1. This may not be much help but on the south side of Houston east of B'way, one or two blocks, there's a good red sauce place. Obviously I don't remember the name.

      1. i second bianca. it is really cute and delicious. the prices are unbeatable!
        the lasagna is incredible as is the gnocchi and seafood pasta.
        the tiramisu--one of the BEST i've ever had. no doubt!

        1. Not that you needed another vote for Bianca, but it is amazing. the panna cotta, and the appetizer with the layers of zucchini and eggplant... I think I may have to go this week.

          1. thanks for the restaurant tip, sounds like a great idea.