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Oct 17, 2006 05:41 PM

Lunch This Saturday

My wife and I will be in LA overnight for my law school roommate's 50th birthday party at Jillian's. We're staying at the Holiday Inn Hollywood Walk of Fame (Highland near Hollywood Blvd.) We're looking for a lunch place in the area, but will have a car and don't have to stay too close to the hotel. Price is not an issue, although we don't want anything too elaborate or filling, as the party starts at 6. Suggestions?

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  1. Hungry cat, Chateau Marmont for a light lunch. Have fun!

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    1. re: gordita

      I would recommend the Hungry Cat, on Vine between Hollywood and Sunset. I think the food (and drinks) very tasty, and it is easy (perhaps too easy) not to fill up there. Its small, but Ive ben a couple of times without any problem getting at seat at least at the counter.

      1. re: Capybara

        I don't believe Hungry Cat serves lunch on Sat. How about Vert @ Hollywood/Highland?

        1. re: archer

          You're correct, the Hungry Cat is closed for Lunch on Saturday.

          1. re: JBC

            My apologies -- and don't try to go Monday either. (I missed the Saturday in the title. Should have figured anyway.)

    2. Here are a few options, depending on your taste, all involving a drive: Campanile on La Brea just north of Wilshire (their daily soups are great, as are the sandwiches); Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills (which affords the strolling option afterwards, may be too heavy); The Ivy on Robertson (for celeb spotting, IMO overpriced, but you can go for the grilled salad and have a nice time on the patio - reservation a must); Pane e Vino (for patio dining) - my favorite option, though, would be to head up through the Cahuenga pass and go to Katsu Ya on Ventura and Colfax for sushi (don't skip the 4 1/2 roll!).

      1. Lucques does a Saturday lunch. Do a search for all the comments about this restaurant and I think you'll end up there.

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        1. re: Bob Brooks

          Their BLT is some seriously good food.