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Oct 17, 2006 05:39 PM

PDX: Crema is good, know any other bakery/cafes like it?

My partner and I like to go on ten-mile-ish bike rides on weekday mornings, with a bakery/cafe as either the destination or a place to stop on the way home.

Yesterday, we went to Foxfire for our favorite pot of tea and tender scones, but I forgot they are closed on Mondays. So we dragged our broken hearts off the ridge and to Crema, which we'd been meaning to check out. It's at 28th and SE Ankeny.

Crema is the epitome of the bike-ride bakery. Lots of excellent baked goods, baked on site, from sweet to savory. We had an orange ginger scone, which was crusty but tender; and two savory biscuits, one with cheddar and caramelized corn, and one with manchego and mushrooms. Plus a big presspot of loose-leaf earl grey and a good latte with Stumptown beans. They also serve sandwiches for lunch.

So...tasty baked goods, pleasant stay-a-while atmosphere, good locally roasted coffee, and, for extra credit, loose-leaf tea. Any other places we should know about? The only one that leaps to mind (other than Foxfire) is Blue Gardenia on Mississippi, and maybe Ugly Mug in Sellwood, though I haven't tried their bakery items and I don't think they're made on site.

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  1. Baker & Spice in Hillsdale, Half & Half downtown, Bakery Bar across from clarklewis. I think that's the style you're looking for, although I would add places like Ken's Artisan, Grand Central, Petite Provence, Fleur de Lis, and Pearl Bakery to the list. And there are coffee shops with more limited baked good selections like Ristretto (which isn't that far from Foxfire).

    1. Not at all like Crema, but we did a bike ride once to DiPrima Dolci, rewarding ourselves with cannoli--I'm not sure what they have for coffee or tea, but I'd highly recommend that.

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          I've heard lots of good things about DiPrima Dolci, including another cannoli rec from another cyclist. Furthermore, I think we pass right by it on one of our morning routes. It's at Killingsworth and Denver, sí? What else do they have other than cannoli?

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            Do you need something other than cannoli? :^)

            I've been there once, and what I remember is that they have a very wide variety of Italian baked goods, some sandwiches, a few lunch specials (some kind of pasta is what I remember), and espresso drinks. I'm sorry that I don't remember more details! When I was there on a Sunday morning there were quite a few other cyclists there--you certainly wouldn't feel out of place in your full cycling regalia.

            They have a website here:
            ...but it's not that great a site. (I was trying to find out what coffee they have and what their hours are, but that info doesn't seem to be posted.)

            1. re: patrick

              Their pignoli are REAALLLLY good as well. I've enjoyed their soups and sandwiches also. I'd like to try a calzone from the sometime.

        2. Although I'm a regular at Crema- I like the big table where I can spread out my NYTimes as I drink my morning latte - a great alternative is Grand Central. While they don't have big tables for NYtimes, they do have exceptional scones and soda bread, great with latte. There's one on Hawthorne (the original) as well as one in Multnomah. And I think there's a new one in Northeast Portland somewhere, too.

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            It is on N. Fremont, just east of Mississippi.

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              There's also one in Irvington on Weidler and one in Sellwood. (And the original is in Seattle.)

            2. Fleur De Lis - NE 40th and Hancock.
              Stumptown coffee, nice lunch menu, patio, and the baked goods....

              1. Cafe LiLi in Sellwood on SE 17th and Harney. Also, Bakery Bar on SE Water Streat. Pearl Bakery in the Pearl district. I have a preference to Li and not many people know about the place yet....