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Company relocating to Cary and I am too

Hi everyone. I'm new to this board but thought that this would be the best place to post this. I currently live in NJ and the company I work for is relocating to the Triangle area. This won't be happening for another year. I know, another Yankee - so sorry:) Anyway, I'd be moving to Cary and need to know how the food situation is. I love eating out and exploring new restaurants so I'm checking to see if Cary and the surrounding area has great places to eat. I love all types of food and would love all budgets. Is it me or does Chapel Hill have better dining than Raleigh? I'm not familiar with the area at all, so sorry if that sounds like a stupid question. How far would it be to travel to Chapel Hill for a good restaurant? I'd be moving into the new Twin Lakes development in Cary. Also, any good bakeries in the area?

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  1. Cary is closer to Raleigh then Chapel Hill but barring traffic tie ups on 40 you could be in Chapel Hill in less then a half hour. You could also be in Durham for that matter. I agree that Raleigh has been kind of slow to gain new and interesting restaurants but it seems to be getting better. If you read the triangle chow post from a few days ago there are a couple of really good bakeries mentioned. As well as good area restaurants. While i often look at cary and cringe ( i am an architect who is pretty anti-sprawl) it does have some thriving ethnic areas with really great food. Especially indian. Good Luick and welcome a little early.

    1. Welcome; the weather is great.
      Guglehof the great Germany bakery is in Durham. People love Chapel Hill because it's so pretty as well as restaurantful.

      Weaver St. in Carrboro (it's attached to Chapel Hill) is an amazing bakery. They make incredible croissants, brioche bread, Challah every friday, plus cakes, pies, cupcakes, focaccia. Real artisinal bread. I'm totally spoiled.

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        Actually, it's spelled Guglhupf, in case you try to find it. As far as restaurants in Cary, it's getting better around here (came from PA in 1998 myself) with decent Vietnamese, Turkish, and Thai restaurants. For something interesting, check out Maximillians in Cary. I have no idea how to describe their food other than the menu changes all the time and they have a decent wine selection. And an early welcome to NC! :-)

      2. Thanks Rory! I'm definitely trying both of those bakeries. Yummy!!

        1. Lucienne,

          Although Twin Lakes is technically within the Cary limits, it's on the Western expansion of the city limits with a mindset more identified with Morrisville. By the way, you're right under the flight path for RDU, so expect some airplane noise.

          The high end fine dining ($$$$) restaurants are distributed among Raleigh (notably Second Empire), Durham (Nana's, Magnolia Grill), and Chapel Hill (Elaine's on Franklin). Nothing really close to your home, but not a bad drive to go out for dinner. You are very near Hwy 40, which makes access easy to all.

          Nearer your home, the best dining option is Lotus Leaf Cafe on Harrison near Maynard. They do a fascinating menu of upscale Vietnamese fusion dishes (only one pho on the menu... don't miss the Shaken Beef). There is also a good Indian restaurant not too far away on Airport Blvd, stuck in a strip mall behind a gas station. It's called India Palace.

          The Indian population boom in the Cary area has brought many Indian restaurants around here. Italian restaurants are also well represented. Of course NC barbeque is everywhere. A short drive from your home, you'll find Neomonde Deli for good mideastern food (do a search on this board for many references).

          We are sadly lacking in truly great pizza or Chinese and there isn't a Jewish deli anywhere to be found. Sigh.

          As to bakeries, there is one additional one to mention in Cary, on Cary Parkway near High House. It is La Farm and features both breads and sweet pastries. They put out samplings of several offerings each day and there is often a line (especially at holidays).

          For Mexican food, you want to hit the west side of the triangle, towards Durham and Chapel Hill.


          1. Oops, sorry for two postings in a row, but I just saw this recent entry in another thread:

            I haven't tried it, but it's a good recommendation and very near your new house.

            1. Thanks so much klmonline. I just noticed yesterday that Twin Lakes is in Morrisville. Would have been nice if they told me that. Thanks for all of these great suggestions. I really appreciate it.

              1. Hi Lucienne;
                you will be one happy camper;-) oh forgot in Cary is Udupi Cafe, the best Southern Indian restaurant I have ever been to & that includes Dosa Hut (Saravana Bhavan) in nyc. I'm going for my birthday dinner.
                In Chapel Hill is Tallulah's restaurant a pricey Turkish place with fab desserts. Less expensive is Mediterranean deli which sells baklava, knafeh etc...& I heard there is a Turkish shop in Cary.
                In the triangle, you have major big city quality & choice but it's better as the food is way fresher & everyone is nicer...

                1. Thanks Rory!! I only live about 20 minutes out of NYC right now, but I barely ever go. I used to work there for a few years and I couldn't stand it anymore with all of the noise, traffic, and crowdedness. So having such great restaurants close and in a more peaceful area is a huge plus!

                  1. A couple of other interesting options in the Cary/Morrisville area:

                    Saffron, and upscale Indian place, will be close to where you will live. I've been once and liked it (had the Goan shrimp), but I don't have a lot of experience with Indian food to compare with.

                    Also, An Global Cuisine recently opened in the Arboretum -- I have only had drinks and appetizers there, but the experience was reasonably promising. They bogarted a sushi chef from Waraji, so the maki roll we had was good, and the Vietnamese spring rolls were well turned out. Our party also ordered a trio of tuna (one piece of sashimi, one piece seared, and one piece seared and crusted in pepper) which was quite good.

                    1. Although based on LI, my home office is in NC (outside of Chapel Hill) -- How is it no one has mentioned "A Southern Season" as a foodies best Best find -- while not a restaurant per se (although it does house one within), the selection within makes it a chowhound must see.

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                        They do have a restaurant on the premises, The Weathervane. I've been there once for dinner. The food was so-so and the service was AWFUL. It seemed so 21 y/o college kid who had never waited tables before was our server. Not attentive, had a huge ordeal in getting my friend her beverage. my NY strip, which I ordered medium, came out well done and I had to send it back.

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                          The deli counter at Southern Season is FAR better than Weathervane. It's a great lunch stop any day of the week, IMHO.

                          Oh, and lucienne, Morrisville is pretty much a little island sitting in the middle of Cary, so don't feel like you were misled in any way. You're in Cary in every respect except your mailing address.

                      2. what company do you work for?