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Oct 17, 2006 05:15 PM

Dinner suggestions Tukwila/Renton/Seatac

I'm going to be staying near Seatac this weekend and would like some suggestions for dinner nearby, no more than ten minute or so drive from the airport. There are some restaurants mentioned in posts on the chowhound but they tend to be a bit old, and some more up-to-date info would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!


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  1. This is somewhat embarassing but Ive stayed in Renton many times and my reccomendations are not exactly chowhound league places. Here goes- both Ive enjoyed very much!
    1. Zoopa- across from Southcenter mall in Tukwila. Its a salad/soup/pasta buffet that is always really good and really cheap. If you join their club online they will usually send you a coupon too. Honestly, its better than it sounds. Spotlessly clean and their brownies are the best. The soups and salads are more decent than your typical buffet place.

    2. Bahama Breeze- I ate at this chain type place the last time and was pleasantly suyrprised. Had some sort of chicken dish that came with roasted plantains and it was excellent. I had the half portion that was more than enough and it was under 9.00$. Its this cavernous type of place but its fun and there arent a lot of options in the area. Claimjumper's is reliable too. Hope this helps!


    1. Tuile, One of the reasons Chowhound was created was to avoid the pitfalls of franchise food and to support independent, Chow-worthy places. Bai Tong offers exceptional Thai food. They have two locations, North of the airport and just South of Southcenter mall. If you take 509 North, Seattle's International District is only 15 minutes away. Well worth the drive.

      1. The Red House in Renton is terrific, both for food and wine and beer..The Melrose in Renton is a steakhouse every bit as good as anywhere. Aloha BBQ on the Maple Valley Hwy in Renton, just past downtown Renton, is a cheap and small but terrific Hawaiian-Asian fusion place.