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Oct 17, 2006 05:10 PM

[AUS] Lunch-only places?

What are some good lunch-only places in Austin? I'm thinking of places like Juan in a Million, the soon-to-be-former Las Manitas, the former Dot's Place, Kitchen Door, and so on.

ETA: Forgot Foodheads. How could I forget Foodheads? For shame!

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  1. Quality Seafood is lunch only except for Fridays and Saturdays.

    1. Nueva Onda, just off South Congress, is one of my favorites.

      1. House Park BBQ is lunch only. Gene's PoBoys closes at 7 so in my mind might as well be lunch only.

        1. One of the most infamous lunch only places in Austin is The Tamale House. It won the 'Best Reason to wake-up before 3 p.m.' awards a couple of years ago in the Austin Chronicle Best of Austin poll.

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            Seconded. Tamale House is amazingly amazing.

          2. Oh yeah, Kitchen Door has great chicken salad, and their hot meatloaf at the lake austin location is pretty good too.