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Oct 17, 2006 05:06 PM

Indian restaurant in L.A. that serves tarka dal?

Tarka Dal is my favorite Indian entrée, but I can hardly find it anywhere. Please help! :)

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  1. Try Star of India on Melrose. They have it. I had no idea it was a hard dish to find.

    1. BlackbookAli is right that the best Tarka Dal is to be found on Melrose but not at Star of India.

      Indira - a couple doors down is by far the best for the garlicky goodness I've found in LA and has become one of my favorite Indian restaurants!Even my wife is hooked and she didn't used to like Indian!!

      The 'consistancy' of the dish can sometimes vary slightly.... but always delicious!!!

      Quick tip. Get one of their take-out menu's. Not only do they offer a $10off coupon with the purchase of a couple of entrees but they've allowed me to re-use the coupon multiple (and I mean multiple) times.

      Address 7166 Melrose. Cross St Detroit or Formosa.
      Tel 323 933 2945


      1. Thank you! :) I can't wait to try it!

        1. I would call ahead to see if the place at 7166 Melrose is still open. From what I have heard, it's going to be an Italian restaurant and run by the former manager of Il Grano...Stefano?

          1. i have traveled far and wide and my best advise for consuming this dish is to move to england....there are about 50 indian restaurant's per city there all making there own version of tarka dhaal....each with a subtle variation......this dish is a perfect starter to any indian meal,but can also act as a main with chapattis or rice