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Pizza in the White Plains Area

I love good pizza but since I have moved to White Plains I have not found any that I can rave about. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Sal's on Mamaroneck Ave, in Mamaroneck--10 minutes from WP. Terrific simple, old-fashioned pizza. I used to swear by the Sicilian exclusively (when it's hot and fresh) but have recently become a big fan of their regular slices as well.

    1. Wellll........

      A Mangiara near Princeton Ski place on Mamaroneck Ave.

      Francesco's before the fork to Bloomingdales on Mamaroneck Ave.

      Via Appia (I know, it's seedy looking) in Silverlake.

      Broadway Pizza (haven't been there) on North Broadway.

      Silvio's on Commerce Street in Valhalla.

      Michael's in Port Chester.

      Abatino's in the Stop and Shop plaza in North White Plains.

      Mamma Francesca and Modern in New Rochelle. Not sure if the latter hasn't slipped in quality, it used to be good.

      Pizza place near Hacker's on Shore Road in New Rochelle sells a Focaccia pizza by the slice that is delish.

      Supposedly Pepe's in Fairfield, CT...if it's anything like the Mothership, it's the best pizza there is. Not sure though, I haven't been there yet.

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      1. re: dolores

        hands down, Francesco's, Francesco's, Francesco's. no slices thought. mine size the best in the house

        1. re: martyl9

          Well, that was my post from 2006.

          I've since found Racanelli's and like their pizza a lot too.

        2. re: dolores

          A Mangiare by the Princeton Ski Shop is now called Ianelli's. They split with their partners at A Mangiare and changed the name at this location.

        3. Johnnies on Lincoln Ave in Mt. Vernon is probably considered the best in Westchester. Then Totonno's in Yonkers and Sal's in Mamaroneck.

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            1. re: Summerfield

              In the Ramada Inn / Holiday Inn... they changed from one to the other, not sure which.

              125 Tuckahoe Rd.
              Yonkers, NY 10710


              1. re: JMF

                Totonno's Yonkers - not great. Nowhere near the original one

            2. re: JMF

              Sals is expanding, albeit just next door. A second on Michael's as well.

            3. terra on greenwich ave, greenwich

              1. Nicky's on Mam'k Ave in White Plains has GREAT pizza (esp. the sicilian), though they keep raising and raising prices. A'mangiare is also good, as Dolores wrote.

                1. i love the pizza at broadway. amazing slices!

                  1. A'Mangiare in W.P is soooo good. I am still sad that the one in Rye changed hands. That was dinner and lunch multiple times a week. What happened? Does anyone know?

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                      They were offered to sell at a price they couldn't refuse. The business was doing very well, but the people at Al Dente offered to buy the biz. A'Mangiare still owns the building though, so maybe they will return some day.

                      1. re: momof3

                        Thanks for this. I have been so curious and my husband and I both feel A'Mangiare was much better.

                        1. re: MRS

                          We like the food at Sunrise Pizza, just a couple of blocks down from the new Al Dente. The pizza is ok, but the chicken parm hero is great, and my daughter loves the chicken soup.

                          1. re: debmom

                            Hmmm...that was our mainstay when we first moved to this area. I think it's time to return.

                        2. re: momof3

                          There was also a problem with the partners..The one in White Plains is now called Iannelli's. One of the partners and his wife.

                      2. Not crazy about Broadway pizza or Nicky's. Glad to see no one mentioned Famiglia on Mamaroneck Ave., it's not worthy of mention.

                        In White Plains: Italian Pavillion on Mamaroneck Ave. at the fork in the road with Old Mamaroneck Rd. Also, Paparazzi does a brick oven pizza if you are in the mood. I would go out of my way for Abatino's specialty pizzas, particularly the BBQ chicken or chicken marsala. I used to turn my nose up at those kind of things until I tried theirs.

                        Not exactly White Plains, but not far: Pizza & Brew in Rye Brook, Sunrise Pizza on Purdy Ave. in Rye and Frank's on Putnam Ave. in Port Chester.

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                          Wow, Abatino's is still around? I used to live walking distance from there over 10 years ago and we were almost regulars. Great to hear that they're still around and still good.

                        2. I'm one of the Sal's naysayers and a thin crust - brooklyn pizza fan. RE: Sal's -the sicilian is pretty good and not as doughy as most and the salad slice is decent but overall, just average in my opinion (I don't want to start a Sal's discussion here as I think there have been others on the board). Nicky's on Chatsworth Avenue in Larchmont is much, much better - IMO. As for Pepe's in Fairfield (I haven't been to the New Haven original) - best pizza ever! I dream of the white clam pie - seriously. So worth the ride.

                          1. Well, laylag, that's good to read, about Pepe's I mean. I thought I remember seeing here that the Fairfield branch didn't measure up.

                            I've been to the New Haven one, and outside of the excruciating wait (in the cold), the white clam pizza is nirvana.

                            Is there a wait to get in or are people actually seated like at a real restaurant?

                            1. In Fairfield you wait on line and then are seated and served like at a real restaurant. I imagine it's the same in New Haven. I can't answer to the comments about the NH vs. Fairfield branch as we haven't been to NH. Even if not as good it's certainly better than anything we've found in Westchester - by far.

                              1. Thanks, laylag. In NH you wait on a line that goes way outside the door in the Fall and Winter (depends on school being in session I imagine), and then get seated and waited on by grumpy waitresses that some consider 'charming' and then had darned well eat quick, as there are more waiting for your seat just outside your line of sight.

                                Yes, the white clam pizza is still the best pizza I've ever had in my life but the wait and the ambience are not worth it to me. IF Fairfield has managed to do away with the latter while keeping the quality, I'm there.

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                                1. re: dolores

                                  Sadly, the service is brusque but not surly. Sounds much like the same situation as NH. The atmosphere is pizza parlor booth style - bare. I'm not over the pizza yet so will continue to tolerate.

                                2. Italian Pavilion is the best! I grew up in White Plains, and trust me when I say that this place is great... Sal's in Mam'k is great too, but a bit further from home.

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                                  1. re: noahdavid

                                    Wow...don't know if they had a bad day, or if the mighty are falling. I know they are expanding, but they are not already cutting back, are they?

                                    They is Sal's and their Sicilian pizza is now a shell of its former self. Or at least it was last Saturday.


                                    1. re: noahdavid

                                      Just had two plain slices at Italian Pavillion today. Surprising how good they were. Very light pizza. Although, they do have some of the smallest slice pies I've ever seen. I easily could have had thirds and fourths

                                    2. If you want to take a ride to Hawthorne (across from the Multiplex theatre on 9a) there's Sabatino's - good coal-fired pizza...

                                      1. great pizza in lia's of hartsdale, its a restaurant, not a pizzeria, their small pizzas are great

                                        1. Get in your car and drive to Brooklyn.Not to be partial but if you have not had pizza from either Totonno's or Grimauldi'or Spumoni Gardens,you really have to try them!!!

                                          1. O.K, so I was really sour abut losing A'Mangiare in Rye, and I wasn't too jazzed about the new place that came instead. However, I have given them a few more chances recently and, I gotta tell ya, Al Dente in Rye ( whic replaced my previously beloved spot) has gotten it together and they have great pizza! Phew! I have a go-to place again!

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                                            1. re: MRS

                                              I was just wondering about that place yesterday when I stopped on Purchase for an iced green tea at a certain popular coffee chain. Anyway, I saw a fair amount of activity in Al Dente and wondered if it was worth a ride from Rye Neck. So, I'll take your review and give it a go.

                                            2. Ernesto's is pretty good or at least its not bad. Its at the fork oon post road in WP coming from Scarsdale near the gas station.

                                                1. Just wanted to make a note that Ianelli's has now replaced a'mangiare's on mamaroneck ave. They are supposedly same ownership, just different name. Specialty pizza's are still great!

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                                                  1. re: fresachocolat

                                                    There was just a nice review of Ianelli's in the Journal News. Has anyone been in the new upstairs space?

                                                      1. re: lucyis

                                                        NYTimes reviewed in today's westchester section. seems up stairs is open with a full bar and expanded menu.

                                                        1. re: martyl9

                                                          As mentioned above, in spite of NYT article, they were not yet open as of yesterday. Didn't ask what delay was.

                                                          1. re: Westjanie

                                                            Upstairs still not open....
                                                            La Mandas on 119 is also good for pizzas.

                                                          2. re: martyl9

                                                            Can't find any reviews of this either in the NYT or in the Journal News. The latter is generally worthless and the former doesn't seem to have the same standards out of the city as they do in it lbut would still like to read both --- anyone have the links?

                                                              1. re: Shawn

                                                                Just passed Ianelli's, why are they still not open?

                                                                Speaking of not open, I didn't know Via Appia had closed. BOY, am I GLAD to hear that.

                                                                1. re: dolores

                                                                  Had Iannelli's Margherita recently. The crust was very good (thin, yet crisp, but with a slight chew), but it had very little mozzarella and basil. The mozzarella that was there had no flavor (fresh, or "fresh" from the distributor?) The sauce was decent, but not so good as to support a ratio like that. Crust is the foundation, though, so they can improve the rest.