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Oct 17, 2006 05:00 PM

Momofuku wait time

I'd like to go there on Saturday night with a party of 4 around 7. Any idea what wait times will be like?

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  1. It depends on how you'd like to sit. If you want to sit facing each other, then you'll have to wait for four of like six seats to open up. If you want to sit at the bar and face the line, there are more seats to choose from.

    Ballpark I'd say 15-20 minutes, but you could hit it when nobody's there--you'll have to show up and see.

    1. yikes, i was there recently with a party of 4 on a sunday night and had a 40 minute wait. we were seated across from each other, but slightly misaligned so two of us were facing strangers. and in very tight quarters. it felt like this stranger was sharing our family meal with us. we actually offered him some of our appetizers to try as we passed them amongst ourselves. delicious, but not the best place for groups.

      1. If I were you I'd go @ 6pm. Yes, it's early. But wait and seating will be better for you.

        1. 45 minutes to an hour - easily.

          1. I'd certainly budget 45-60 min and be grateful if you get in quicker. I once did it in 10 minutes