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Oct 17, 2006 05:00 PM

Private room for 50-60 in the valley

Planning a surprise B-day party for early next year for about 50 people or so, mostly coming from the SFV.

I would like something like the private rooms at Maggiano's but with better food. The last party I did like this we did at the Plum Tree Inn on Ventura in Woodland Hills. It was a nice room and they were most accomodating. However, it is long gone.

Not looking for any special type of cuisine, just want good food in a nice room.


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  1. Les I don't know what your feeling is about Piacere in Woodland Hills, but I really like their food and they have a small banquet room upstairs which is lovely. French doors overlook the patio and fountains in the back....twinkly lights the whole shebang. Also have a really nice bar up there.

    1. How bout the Bistro Garden in Sherman Oaks? Went there once for my birthday and it was nice. They have a banquet room near the entrance. Seems like it might be kinda pricey tho.