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Oct 17, 2006 04:55 PM

Salmon Caviar Bulk in Boston?

i used to get at the russian market near harv/comm ave, but curious if anyone has other places to rcommend? thank you

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  1. there is a larger and newer one (a supermarket)in Brighton on Cambridge street called BAZAAR SUPERMARKET. Could be a little cheaper there

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      Berezhka at Harvard & Comm, Bazaar on Beacon, and Bazaar Supermarket on Cambridge all have the same owner, and thus probably similar pricing. For a different Russian store you might try the one on Washington St in Brighton near the corner of Comm Ave, diagonally opposite from Whole Foods.

    2. I know, it is just they give you a good discount if you buy a lot

      1. thanks everybody. i called berezka and found out they do not own the other 2 places now; bazaar on cambridge seems to have some cheaper prices. still wondering if any CH know vendors for this on the camb side of the river. thank you.

        1. I have gotten it at whole foods in Fresh Pond, for what seemed a reasonable price at the time (it was two years ago and I don't remember exactly). It is probably the only thing I would get at the WF fish counter, after many negative experiences there.

          1. The original comment has been removed