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Veal parm

Where can you get great veal parm in the city and Western burbs? It's my 7-year-old daughter's new favorite food. (It was mine, too, when I was her age. I used to get it at Girogio's in Newton Centre, which is long gone.) She's perfectly satisfied at places like Maggiano's, but I'd prefer to find a place that I can enjoy too!

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  1. Vinny's Superette or Lil Vinny's in Somerville both do a great Veal Parm. My daughter who's 12 likes Vinny's Superette because it's so unusual to your regular type of restaurant.

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      Is that the place that's a convenience store/deli that turns into a sit down restaurant at night?

    2. Victor's in Ball Square, Somerville. Occasionally needs salt, but it's great.

      1. I really like the veal parm at Fiorellas on North St in Newton. Great red sauce, crispy & tender veal. Great place for kids too.

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          Funny that you mention Fiorella's: that's where I took her on Sunday night.

        2. Hi,

          The Veal Parm at Antonio's on Cambridge St. in Boston is excellent, and they have a great menu of other Italian-American classics as well.

          1. Did she like it? I think Fiorellas is a pleasant enough experience. Most of their food is fine, but not top notch, except for the veal parm. I've had lots of veal parm and I think this is as good as any I've had.

            My kids like it there too.

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              She liked it just fine, but I don't love the place. I suspect she'll be happy with anyplace with veal parm on the menu. I'm just trying to find a place that will make me happy too.

            2. I have never had the veal at Vinny's. However, the eggplant parm there is among the best I have ever had, and my Italian grandmother could really cook...

              1. Surprisingly, one of the best items on the menu at The Palm at the Westin in Copley Sq (or other Palm locations) is the Veal Parm... and it's not that expensive compared to the other menu items. It's also huge, so 2 can share it.