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Oct 17, 2006 04:34 PM

Sunday Brunch in Madison

What can you recommend? I expect to have my morning meal at L'Etoile's bakery on Saturday, but it seems we always wind up driving up and down Willie ST. trying to find breakfast...never w/ much luck.

I like pastries, my husband will want something more substantial. We would both prefer something either funky/eclectic or frou-frou/upscale. Don't care much for dives and diners. Thanks.

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  1. Have you tried Lazy Jane's? It's definitely on the funky/eclectic side, has both pastries and breakfast dishes. Another choice near the capitol is Marigold Kitchen on Pinckney. I think that both places get pretty busy on the weekends, so expect a wait if you try either of them.

    I haven't been to this one, but I've heard that brunch at the Orpheum is also really good.

    Lazy Jane's
    1358 Williamson

    Marigold Kitchen
    118 S Pinckney

    Orpheum's Grand Lobby
    216 State St

    1. You should check about the Marigold. I think it only has brunch on Saturdays. Yep, just checked the website

      I'd go on Saturday, expect a wait, but enjoy. It's really good. I've been to the Orpheum, but not that recently. It's good. Last time we were in town we had brunch at the OldFashioned, right next door to L'Etoile. Pretty good and they run specials based on the farmer's market good.