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Oct 17, 2006 04:25 PM

PHX - Fried mushrooms and zucchini?

Fried muchrooms and zucchini - my latest pregnancy craving. Like the stuff you used to get in that hole in the wall pizza place everyone hung out at after high school, served with plenty of ranch dressing. I've tried a couple bar and grill type places, but the nacho and wing trend seems to have taken over most of those menus (and that was last month's craving).

Anybody know a good place? I'd prefer East Valley, but willing to drive if I have to.


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  1. Casey Moore's, in downtown Tempe. Some of the best fried zucchini and mushrooms in town.

    1. I don't know of any non chain places, but Black Angus serves the best fried Zucchini I have had. Excellent breading and the cucumber dip you can eat by itself is wonderful. It's the only reason I go, and usually for lunch and have it with a salad. They are all over the valley.

      1. Uncle Sam's Pizza Shea and the 101, 32nd street and Shea, and 83rd Ave. and Union Hills....
        They have both mushrooms and zucchini....satisfies my fried craving!

        1. I'd say google rest. menus to make sure they have the apps you want. Assuming SE valley, I would recommend the garlic fried mushrooms at Fibber Magee's Pub on the SE corner of Dobson and Elliott. Also the zucchini (sliced kind I think) at Churchill's pub next to Paradise Video on the NW corner of Alma School and Warner.

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            I forgot about the mushrooms at Fibber Magees, but they are good. For fried zucchini I like George & Dragon (and they have an east Phoenix location).

          2. I once had quite decent fried zucchini at a Red Robin (the one by Costco in Chandler) -- mind you, it was my one and only visit to a Red Robin, but they appeared to be actual pieces of fresh zucchini, rather than the frozen stuff.

            Sarah C