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Oct 17, 2006 03:58 PM

if an LA hound visits Boston, what would they eat?

[Note: This thread was moved from the LA board --The Chowhound Team]

Not sure if this should be here or back on the boston site. I have a guest coming from LA and wanted to take her to a place with food that is better in boston than LA (I,know, not much). Two cuisines I thought of were Portuguese (O Cantino) or Afghan (Helmand). Comments or other suggetsions from LA hounds?

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  1. Clam Chowder!

    (Edit: Legal Seafoods--for a chain--serves a great clam chowder, IMO.)

    1. I would say Portuguese as L.A. had NO Portuguese restaurants anywhere (except a small one just opened in the last year out in the inland empire {Claremont?} which almost no one has been to or heard of). L.A. does have a fair number of Afghan restaurants.

      1. a cuban sandwich at chez henri in cambridge, burnt caramel ice cream at toscannis also in cambridge, fugakyu in brookline, uni at clio restaurant, green street grill in cambridge...maybe restaurant l on newbury but that would be the only restaurant on that street, if you have the money to burn go to l'espalier on glouscester...if I can think of anything else I'll let you know

        1. My recs for Cambridge would be Henrietta's Table for b'fast or lunch and dinner @ Rialto.

          1. scratch fugakyu since there are plenty of great sushi places here even though I would go for nostalgia. I forgot oleana in cambridge...a must.