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Oct 17, 2006 03:53 PM

Edmonton Restaurant Suggestion - large group for Xmas party?

I'm looking for suggestions for a good restaurant that could host a 70 person company Xmas party in Edmonton. I'm having a hard time coming up with someplace that's both tasty and large enough for this group.


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  1. Hey Kiri,

    Price limitations? Sit down or reception style? Any preference on location?

    For Xmas parties, many small - mid sized restaurants are willing to shutdown the entire restaurant for your event, usually on a minimum billing guarantee. If you expect drinks and food to be part of the party (and what good party doesn have these!), you could definitely try calling some of the better restaurants in town to see. Your better bets too would be early week (Sunday/Monday/Tuesday)as they are usually less busy at that time.

    70 is a bit of an awkward number, as the truly small places (Red Ox Inn, Culina, Blue Pear for example) arent large enough to accomodate those numbers, especially if sitdown is expected.

    Places with nice ambiance (that i've seen shutdown or accomodating large parties)include: Hardware Grill, Characters, Luxe, Cafe de Ville, Manor Cafe, Greek could always be fun, Unheardof, Packrat Louie. Less trendy places that might work include Flavours, King and I (i personally hate the food, but people seem to like it), Jack's Grill, etc might work as well.

    If you can provide more info, i might be able to narrow it down more, but good luck regardless!


    1. Hey Yen,

      Not really concerned about price. We were looking at the Harvest Room at the Hotel Mac, but couldn't get a good date and Luxe won't shutdown the entire restaurant for us. Hardware is a tad too small and Manor Cafe is tough because the group would have to split between rooms.

      No real concern about location, though downtown or old strathcona would be ideal. I think sit down would be best.


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      1. re: Kiri

        Based on the geography, my suggestions would be Packrat Louie, or Murrietta's for Old Strathcona. Continental Treat might *just* be big enough, but im not a huge fan of the food. Flavours is a decent space, and is quite long, but the food doesnt fit the "budget is no object".

        Downtown, it's unfortunate that Hardware won't fit your numbers. Madison's Grill (in the Union Bank Inn) is large enough, and i've had excellent meals there - probably worth a shot. I don't believe Wild Tangerine is big enough either, and i wouldnt go there based on a no budget idea. Characters is big enough, but their food is spotty. You can always go Italian - Il Portico would be big enough.

        Im guessing you can't get away with ethnic food for an xmas party, otherwise that'll open up a whole new set of criteria :)

        Hope that helps

      2. Kiri:

        Yen has already given you a pretty comprehensive list.

        The only addition I would suggest is Sorrentino's downtown. That having been said I think you may be too late for this year but It might be worth giving a call to Michael or Christine.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions.

          In the end, we managed to secure Normands for the event.

          The next question is, any dish recommendations?