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Lobster cooking techniques

I'd like to know of some other lobster cooking techniques. Right now I just boil the lobster before eating it. Don't get me wrong - it's delicious, but I was wondering if there were any other techniques that would enhance the lobster as well.

I'm really interested in techniques/recipes that could keep the lobster flavor, but enhance it just a little - like ginger scallion lobster or something similar.


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  1. Lobster Newburg, Lobster Scampi, Lobster Fra Diablo are a few of my favorites when I want to switch things up.

    1. break it down live; ie, remove tail and claws from body, then par cook it in a court bouillon-- about a third as long as you normally would, then arrest the cooking by immersing in an ice water bath. when it's cooled, remove the meat. then you can poach it in butter, white wine, and whatever else you'd like to flavor it with. reserve the shells and bodies (minus innards) for stock, reserve tomalley and cook in a plastic bag-- it yields "lobster coral" which is a nice textural contrast and very pretty on the plate.

      1. Alton Brown has a "Good Eats" episode dedicated to coking a lobster. he steams a lobster in a pot, but the method is closer to a indoor clam bake and then he also stuffs and bakes a lobster.

        I am not a fan of lobster, but DH loves when I surprise him with the stuffed lobster recipe.

        1. Baja style: grilled on the bbq & served w/salsa.

          1. Steaming is usually the preferred method.

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              Anything other than steamed is a crime.


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                good lobster doesn't need butter either

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                  Agreed. I do however use butter.


              2. Steaming! Went to Maine this summer and ran into a very nice lobster woman. We followed her instructions and it was the best. Take off rubber bands, put 2 inches of water in the pot and steam about 8 mins per pound. She also said the smaller lopsters were the best deal. True! I got 2 @1 lb each so I got 2 tails, 4 claws, etc.......
                Don't mess with the lobster, serve a kick a- side dish instead to compliment (cold spicey asian nooodles?)

                1. Pan Roasted Lobster!


                  I can only watch from the sidelines these days since I developed a shellfish allergy...

                  1. Other than steaming or boiling it whole, I think the best preparation is either stir fry or grill. In either case it is best to cut the lobster while it is still alive.
                    For stir fry, remove the head and split it, remove the gravel sac on top of the head; can leave the tomally, etc. in if you like; cut into everything into pieces and crack the claws and knuckles. Can coat the pieces lightly in corstarch. Heat oil with crush ginger and garlic until very hot, add lobster pieces, stir fry until shell turn red, a touch of optional brandy, a little chicken stock, cook until done, add a swirl of cornstarch/water to thicken the sauce then green onion and drops of sesame oil.
                    For grilling, just split the lobster in half lengthwise, remove gravel sac and clean intestine. I like to grill it over a low fire with a foil tent. Serve with a sauce.
                    I disagree with an earlier post of arresting the cooking by immersing the meat in ice water...this will remove all the flavor from the lobster and cause the meat to seize and toughen. If you cook it this way for the meat, just let the lobster cool in it's shell. Don't put the meat in ice water.

                    1. I poached some lobster tails in butter (beurre monte), which I got from the French Laundry cookbook. It was a little difficult to tell when they were done but they were very tender and they already have their own butter sauce on them :)