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Oct 17, 2006 03:46 PM


do any restaurants in miami offer pre-paid shabbos meals (i doubt it)? alternatively, is there a good place to pick up or order in shabbos food on a friday morning?

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  1. Try:
    China Kikar Tel-Aviv View Reviews
    Address/Phone: 5005 Collins Ave. [map]
    Miami Beach, FL 33140-2753 UNITED STATES
    phone: (305) 866-3316 fax:
    Neighborhood: Miami
    Metro Area: Miami-Ft Lauderdale-W Palm Beach FL Metro area
    Cuisine: Chinese
    Price Range: $$
    Category: Meat
    Additional Kosher Info: Glatt
    Hashgacha/Supervision: Kosher Miami (KM)

      1. Also try Tower 41, and Juliette. Cofiucchi and Le Marais did on the holidays.

        1. I would have thought all kosher restaurants can supply you with food on a Friday, sealed and ready to eat on Shabbes or sealed and ready to heat Motzei Shabbes if you cannot get out after Shabbes, or for a hotel to heat for you.