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Oct 17, 2006 03:37 PM

Yummy Little Giant

Had a very enjoyable meal there Saturday night--more satisfying overall than recent outings to The Harrison (which was OK, not great) and Piccola Venezia (which I didn't expect the world of, but was nevertheless generally disappointed in). The pickles were varied and delicious. The mushroom, tomato, and goat cheese crostini were solidly pleasurable. The braised pork butt (swine of the week) was succulent, with a lovely, maybe cinnamon-y rub on it, and it came with this fresh, brightly contrasting salad of asian pears and fennel. The fondue wasn't mindblowing, but it came with a nice array of nice stuff for dipping. Roasted brussels sprouts with maple syrup were a bit too sweet for me, but otherwise good. Desserts were simple and nice enough. My wife really liked the gelato that came with her baked-to-order cookie. And I found my peppadew pepper martini to have a flavorful, but not too aggressive, kick of heat to it. The drinks list looked interesting in general.

There was a delay in getting a couple of the appetizers out, which I was willing to forgive. I know this isn't a pioneering outing or a novel opinion, but I feel like it's always good to report.

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  1. Maybe not pioneering, but always fun to read and a resource for when I'm deciding where to go eat. Thanks Denis. I always love reading in-depth reports on places like this that would actually fit my budget.

    1. has anyone had the "little giant" drink there? i remember trying it when the restaurant first opened a few years ago. i think it's a tequila shot served with an espresso trim and lime - is that true? i've been meaning to go there again for dinner or brunch so thanks for the report.

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        I didn't try it, but I think you're at least roughly correct about the recipe.

      2. What in particular were you disappointed with at Piccola Venezia?

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          I posted about it shortly thereafter:

          Maybe we ordered wrong, or got an off night. Would like to like this place, and would be willing to give it another try, provided I can persuade my wife.

        2. According to the menupages menu, they use Il Lab gelato.

          1. That is the correct recipe for the "little giant" drink. And it is a very good recipe!

            I love everything about Little Giant - food, prices, service, low key atmosphere.