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Oct 17, 2006 03:28 PM

Ken's Noodle House

Went to Ken's for the first time over the weekend and was thrilled. I'm new to ramen so I can't compare to other places but I absolutely loved it. I had the special miso ramen and my pal had the special salt broth ramen. Both were terrific.

After reading old posts on the board I figure some people will be happy to hear that the place was packed. We sat at the bar and watched the kitchen. I was very impressed with the chef and the amazing attention to detail he gave every bowl. You would think he were plating at Clio he was so precise.

I loved my bowl. I didn't pay close attention to what I ordered since I asked the chef for a rec, so I was surprised to see the egg in the soup. I loved it! It was hard boiled medium and tasted so rich in the miso broth. The pork was also fantastic - tender and tasty.

My pal loved his bowl. I gave it a taste and think I may have liked the salt broth a little better. It wasn't as salty as the miso. It was more familiar, like pho chicken broth.

We started with shumai and that was also very good, dare I say "steamed to perfection." I love shumai and have it often so I can compare this to other places and I think Ken's is very good, The texture was great and the shrimp was very sweet.

I can't wait to go back and try more.

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  1. We're heading over tomorrow night (although Ken's is maybe 100 yards from our front door as the crow flies, we haven't gotten around to it yet) and will report back. I still miss the noodle place that was in the food court, and it was only adequate, so I can't wait to try this supposedly great replacement.

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      FYI: turns out Ken's is closed on Wednesday nights. Feh.

    2. I love Ken's Noodle house. Hope they can bit the odds of the ridiculous rent.

      1. I really like Ken' a big noodle soup fan in general, and have sought out ramen places wherever I could. So far that's only Boston and New York. Ken's is as good as any I've had in either place, really nice broth, good quality noodles, the pork is always juicy and tasty...hmmm. It's obvious they (or Ken?) put a lot of care into the preparation. Last time I was there it was packed, and people were waiting; I hope that's often the case.

        1. We finally got to Ken's on Saturday - oh, my! We'll be back, often. We have little previous experience of "proper" ramen, but this was a wonderful introduction.

          There was only one other table occupied when we arrived, a little after 7 on Saturday evening; by the time we left all of the tables had filled, though the bar was still empty. Another time I'd love a chance to sit at the bar, since what I saw of the preparation was great fun to watch.

          Based on others' comments that the special imported noodles weren't that much better, we stuck with the regular ones; I had a large helping with miso broth and BarmyFotheringayPhipps had a large with the soy sauce broth. We both added an egg to the toppings.

          Both of the broths were excellent, and as many others have noted, the pork was juicy and good. I couldn't get over how delicious the noodles themselves were - much as I love noodles of all kinds, I don't often register them as especially tasty in and of themselves, but I raved about these both during and long after the meal.

          BFP is very happy - he has sorely missed Ajisen Noodle House ever since their booth in the Super 88 food court closed, even though he admitted the broth wasn't great. (In fact, I always found the broth there downright off-putting.) Now he's got a new and much better place for a comforting slurpy noodle lunch on a chilly afternoon. Thanks to all for the recommendations!