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Oct 16, 2006 12:14 AM

Miso dressing? [split from General Topics]

No, but I'd love a recipe for miso dressing while we're on the topic...

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  1. 2 tbsp Miso
    2 tbsp rice vinegar
    2 tbsp sugar
    1 tsp mayo
    1 tsp water
    wisk all together
    can substitute peanut butter for mayo to make a peanut miso dressing.

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    1. re: JJC

      Wow, that's a high proportion of miso. I need to try this.

    2. Here's a link to Epi's Miso Vinaigrette that we love...I usually add a little more ginger:

      1. Here is my favorite miso dressing
        (all amounts are approximate, to taste)

        1 T. white miso
        1 T. sake
        1 T. rice vinegar
        1 t. soy sauce
        2 t. toasted sesame oil


        1. I love this dressing. It takes a little effort to beat the tahini into submission. You can thin it out with a little water.

          Miso-Dill Dressing

          1 tablespoon brown rice miso
          2 tablespoon lemon juice
          2 tablespoon olive oil
          1 tablespoon dried dill weed
          1 tablespoon tahini

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          1. re: rdnnyc

            I would never have thought to use dill!

          2. 1/4 cup mayo
            2T light (aka white or sweet) miso
            1 T lemon juice
            1 T minced onion, scallion or chive

            Blend well (great time to use mini-processor if you have one).

            Can't wait to try these other versions though!