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Oct 17, 2006 03:25 PM

Private Cooking Classes in Philly?

I'm looking to purchase some private cooking classes for a couple for their engagement gift. Are there any schools/individuals that provide in-home private cooking classes in the Philly area? If not, can you recommend a good cooking school in the area?

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  1. The Restaurant School is a college- perhaps they can give you some information- or maybe have culinary students who offer services

    1. Pam, can you let the board know how you make out? I'm interested in what you find.


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        I just gave the info to newmanp68 (OP) I'm not personally looking into it.

      2. Viking HomeChef in Bryn Mawr offers cooking classes and demonstrations and would make a perfect gift for a couple. However, I don't think that they do private/in-home...

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          I had the pleasure to receive a cooking class @ Viking as a gift. Overall, I'd rate the place, the kitchen, and the personnel an A - I had a great time. It was a few of the other fellow classmates that weren't my type, but I guess there is no way to say "hey when i get split into a group can i NOT be with the guy who isn't going let the rest of the 5 teammates cut, dice, slice, stir, etc?". But I did learn a bit (it was a spanish tapas class - and while I haven't yet made paella,it was a good recipe and I still have it). the dessert recipe for a mandarin orange flan failed - they didn't test it before our class so we had vouchers for a classroom/lecture session. I took grilling and smoking - and yes, now have an indoor smoker that is pretty darned rad (did a fine job with Esposito's spareribs last weekend). (and that lecture was not without the women who chatted alllllll through the claaaaassssss...and their cellphone was ringing.)

          so - try Viking - you might get nice people in your class and with the professionalism of the place its a good bet.

        2. Hmmm. What do you think they would like to learn?
          I've thought about doing such a service as a little side gig but could not figure out how to condense a lifetime of cooking to a 3-4 hour session.
          My wife took a baking class with Ann Albertson a few years ago and it was great--A saturday course makeing 4 breads.

          1. The original comment has been removed