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Oct 17, 2006 03:20 PM

Colossal Cafe, Minneapolis MN

This weekend I went back to a breakfast spot that I've mentioned before: the Colossal Cafe on 42nd Street and Cedar Ave South. Thought I'd mention it because it's just the sort of place that deserves a little word of mouth publicity.

Sunday's special was salmon "hash." Here's how the Colossal folks do that dish: a layer of garlicky greens (chard?) sliced thin like a persillade and sauteed, then cubed potatoes that were roasted & fried crisp, a cornmeal-crusted green veg like a tomatillo or a steamed broccoli stem, eggs anyway you like them, generous chunks of salmon, a light drape of sauce that spoke of cream & white wine.

My eggs were ethereally scrambled and served with slices of freshly toasted homemade bread. No grease, nothing heavy-handed.

Dark fresh coffee was refilled with perfect timing, though folks who want to read the whole paper can order a french-press potful. I had a bit of raspberry scone, which offered just the right crumb -- my only sadness was that I ordered too much food.


This breakfast and lunch place is a tiny little spot next to the historic-fire-station-converted-to-architect-offices.

For those who like breakfast, this is worth stopping by.

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  1. KTFoley gets today's review reward for using both "persillade" and "ethereally" in the same review. Huzzah!

    1. I've heard only good things about this spot, but still haven't tried it yet.

      Given that it's so small, is waiting for a table an issue?

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      1. re: Mill City Modern

        It was not an issue last Sunday morning at 9:30, when the wait at Zumbro or Hot Plate sometimes stretches to 40 minutes. In good weather I remember seeing a lot of bicycles parked outside, but those months are passing away quickly.

      2. Oh my heavens, fellow Chowpeople, if you have not yet eaten at the Colossal Cafe, you simply must do so as soon as possible, preferably not all tomorrow morning, because the place only seats only a handful of people, as it is the size of a postage stamp, but the food is so fabulous!! (how about that run on sentence?) I am absolutely chagrined that we live not even 6 blocks away from the Colossal and had never been there prior to this morning.

        We ate:
        - 1 delicious, savory, tender spinach-feta scone
        - 1 perfect, lovely giant biscuit
        - 1 ginormous (well, *I* think it should be a word) yummy vegie omelet
        - 1 humongous breakfast burrito filled with potatoes, black beans, eggs, queso fresco, sausage, with a perfectly-spicy poblano pepper sauce (this was today's special)
        - 2 perfect cups of dark coffee

        I would insist on returning there for breakfast tomorrow, except that we purchased a lovely looking chicken pot pie to eat tonight, so I get to have my Colossal fix even sooner. The chef has a way with pastry, folks, so make sure you order some. We did not sample the cream filled flip, the giant, fluffy pancakes, the sticky rolls bigger than your head, or any of the cookies, but I am looking forward to doing so.

        I tried valiantly to convince the chef to start serving dinner, but she says she already starts work each day at 4:00 am and can't stomach staying any later. I suppose she does have to sleep, but perhaps cloning is an option?

        1. By the way, the chicken pot pie we took home was also absolutely fantastic. The sauce was creamy and delicious, the chicken was tender, the pastry was flaky and rich.

          I want to eat one every day.

          1. man i used to live 5 blocks from this lovely sounding place & now it is totally across town. :(