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Oct 17, 2006 03:20 PM

"no name"

Hello, my dad is in town and he wants to go to the no name - he hasn't been in ages. I checked these boards and some say now it's a tourist trap, so going there may be a disappointment. Any thoughts?

(and/or is there another place I can suggest for some cod like he remembers?) thanks!

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  1. No Go - No Name - No Good!!!

    1. No Name was a great place to go 25 years ago. Today, forget it!

      For good basic seafood he'll probably enjoy Legal.

      1. Cod and Scrod (young cod or haddock) are more commonly encountered in old(er) school Boston restaurants. Legal would probably have the most dishes based on it, but also places like the Union Oyster House on the touristy side, Locke-Ober for something more upscale, summer shack has cod cakes and scrod but is a bit of a zoo. Most of these restaurants get mixed reviews from the board, but if that is what you are looking for these are probably the places to encounter it.

        The Dolphin Restaurant in Cambridge has a fish chowder that is quite similar to the No Name and is a good restaurant, but I don't know of cod or scrod on the menu.

        Beyond that cod cheeks have become quite popular in higher-end restaurants in the past years, including a couple of North End restaurants that have offered them. You could call Neptune Oyster and see if they have any current offerings for cheeks or cod itself.

        Update: Two others I should have included for scrod are Durgin Park and Parker's restaurant. You could respectively try the indian pudding or boston cream pie.

        1. The fish chowder at the No Name is still very good and loaded with fish. The rest of the food is not worth the trip.

          1. Just my two cents, I think the no name has very good, if simply prepared seafood. The fried and broiled platters have five or six kinds of seafood and are dirt cheap. Free garlic bread is nice and the pie and ice cream for dessert are great.

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              Just fyi, I used to work with a woman whose husband job was buying fish for area restaurants. He said none of the pro buyers would eat at the No Name.