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Oct 17, 2006 03:11 PM


Any thoughts on the best breakfast spots? From greasy-spoon cheap to elaborate brunch?

I like Easy, Stem, Patrician Grill, Mildred Pierce.

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  1. my fave breafast spots are Mel's on bloor and Plaza Flamingo and college / bathurst.

    1. Aunties and Uncles at Bathurst/College makes some awesome greasy comfort food. Their poached pears are a nice treat too.

      1. dxsnyder, I like your list! Particularly the Patrician.

        1. The Village Restaurant on Spadina in Forest Hill Village: for good, old-fashioned breakfasts.

          The Pear Tree on Parliament: for Sunday Brunch, they serve warm, yummy, home-made muffins to everyone, regardless of what's ordered. Their omelettes, French toast, benedicts/florentines are good, with a more-than-acceptable Hollandaise.

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            I'm on the fence about Pear Tree. The service and space are great, and I want to love this place, but there are too many little things that bug me. Like the fact that you get those little cream/milk packets with your coffee, instead of a little jug; that they don't accept any substitutions (not even something easy, like "without the cheese"); and that their entire brunch menu is pretty heavy/rich, with few veggie options.

            But I have to admit, that coffee cake thingie they give for free is pretty awesome.

            I've had decent, cheap food at the Sunset Grill near High Park. It's pretty much a diner, but at least the brekkie's good - the fruit salad is truly fresh, and they don't overcook the poached eggs.

          2. bonjour brioche....if you can stand the hit and miss service ...i heard it has improved lately