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Any thoughts on the best breakfast spots? From greasy-spoon cheap to elaborate brunch?

I like Easy, Stem, Patrician Grill, Mildred Pierce.

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  1. my fave breafast spots are Mel's on bloor and Plaza Flamingo and college / bathurst.

    1. Aunties and Uncles at Bathurst/College makes some awesome greasy comfort food. Their poached pears are a nice treat too.

      1. dxsnyder, I like your list! Particularly the Patrician.

        1. The Village Restaurant on Spadina in Forest Hill Village: for good, old-fashioned breakfasts.

          The Pear Tree on Parliament: for Sunday Brunch, they serve warm, yummy, home-made muffins to everyone, regardless of what's ordered. Their omelettes, French toast, benedicts/florentines are good, with a more-than-acceptable Hollandaise.

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            I'm on the fence about Pear Tree. The service and space are great, and I want to love this place, but there are too many little things that bug me. Like the fact that you get those little cream/milk packets with your coffee, instead of a little jug; that they don't accept any substitutions (not even something easy, like "without the cheese"); and that their entire brunch menu is pretty heavy/rich, with few veggie options.

            But I have to admit, that coffee cake thingie they give for free is pretty awesome.

            I've had decent, cheap food at the Sunset Grill near High Park. It's pretty much a diner, but at least the brekkie's good - the fruit salad is truly fresh, and they don't overcook the poached eggs.

          2. bonjour brioche....if you can stand the hit and miss service ...i heard it has improved lately

            1. I was at the Hope Cafe, Lonsdale and Spadina, on Sunday and had a wonderful brunch - loads to choose from. Omelettes are very large. Very busy though.

              1. Pomegranate in the Beach.... Definitely a chowfind in an otherwise chowless neighborhood.

                1. for a cheap greasy and greecy breaky, just south of bloor on dovercourt there is a greek place. under five bones before 11am........ i have heard really good things about Mitzi's Sister in Parkdale

                  1. When my hubby feels like a good ole greasy spoon type breakfast, we go to the Terminal (I'm pretty sure that's what it's called) on the Danforth, just east of Coxwell. They've changed things up quite a bit recently but they still serve standard North American breakfasts.

                    1. Breafast/brunch... yum.. probably my favorite meal of the day!

                      Steeles West Deli - Steeles and Yonge. Best French Toast hands down! And my favorite coffee!

                      Boom - Ossington and College (on College East of Ossington) Great breakfast with food fresh juices/shakes.a bit of a lineup.

                      New York Diner (Broadview/Danforth. On Broadview)- if you are into Peameal... this is the place! Everything is a blah... but good peameal.

                      Fire on the East Side (GLocuster and Yonge on Glocuter) - They serve a good cornbread there!

                      Maggie's (Charles and Yonge. on Charles) - Peanut Butter Banana Crepe is worth the price of admission. Although they have a nasty coffee. The rest of the breakfast is not bad neither. Always serve with fresh fruit!


                      1. I still rate The Tulip for a mid-week breakfast.

                        1. Day break on church and carlton. The omlettes are great, and you get lots of food for the price(pancakes, hash browns, and toast/bagel/english muffin). I love the cheese omlette, and the smoked salmon with cream cheese.

                          I agree about hope cafe and mels, not bad at all. I also enjoy queen mother, although I tend to order the thai stuff even at brunch.

                          While its not in the area, the best buffet brunch was at Queens landing in NOTL (dont ever go to the restaurant there though). Its around $35, and Ive only ever gone when my family pays. It has decent sushi, a whole table of seafood, another of dessert, another of bread and pastry, omlette bar, carving station. More food than you could ever dream of eating.

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                            I definitely second Daybreak. Great food, reasonable prices, and friendly service. Plus, it's open early, for those who are craving a good breakfast early on the weekends or during the week.

                          2. I always end up back at The Senator. Great service and the coffee is outstanding. Worth every penny.

                            1. Barrio serves a near-perfect weekend brunch with no line-up. Deserves a full article in City Bites!

                              1. Any good spots in the Richmond Hill area? I've already been to Three Coins and Golden Flame. I'd like to try some new places.


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                                  Wow.....Three Coins is still around....I can remember my dad taking me there back in the 70's.

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                                    There's a place at the northwest corner of Bayview and Elgin Mills. Decent breakfast and burgers; I like it better than 3 Coins because I find the tables at 3 Coins too small. Can't read the paper while eating!

                                  2. My fave places are Jim's at Queen and Logan, The Tulip at Queen and Coxwell, The Purple Onion at Keele and St Clair and the Canary at Front and Cherry.

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                                    1. bonjour is really crowded and the servers are not very friendly. The pastries however are fantastic. Henri,the owner is very charming and informative if you can drag him out of the dungeon below. I haven't been there in sometime so i don't know if service has improved.

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                                        The pastries are lovely. The food varies from OK to very good. The service, when there is any service, ranges from indifferent to pathetic.

                                      2. i love MAGGIES on college (almost at bathurst, across from the elementary school there)
                                        they have amazing crepes, waffles or pancakes smothered in toppings (peanut butter and banana crepes; strawberry and creme cheese; etc) for about $10 a plate. HUGE portion.
                                        an OJ is only $3 and it's 750ml - so big!! they have great french toast, omlettes, bacon and other breakfast meats.
                                        i always get the waffles, very light and yummy.
                                        all plates are served with fresh fruit, maple syrup in a silver gravy boat, and icing sugar.

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                                          My girlfriend and I went to Maggies this past Sunday. UGH! The food was alright (nothing amazing) but the service was horrendously slow! Is that normal for Maggies? The kitchen does not look big enough for the amount of tables in front. Plus my girlfriend, who is a chef, thought that the kitchen staff was in disarray. The cook was pulling double duty with the griddle and the fryer when anyone else could have worked the fryer while she concentrated on the cooking. She also said that it looked like they were doing one table at a time too. Lots of real unhappy customers that day.

                                        2. Let's see:

                                          Ajax - Sunset Grill, always lined up in the morning, huge portions (lumberjack special), fast and efficient service.

                                          Toronto - Now that the Peel Pub (hey for a cheap breakfast, this one was hard to beat) has gone Philthy McNasty's - Sunset Grill (albeit NOT as good as the one in Ajax); the Daybreak - for brunch Mildred Pierce or the Old Mill

                                          Hamilton - Your Place Restaurant, The Maple Leaf, The Big Top, for brunch Chagall's or the Ancaster Old Mill

                                          1. I had a few breakfasts a long time ago at Creme de la Creme on Bloor near Royal York - really good. Has anyone been there lately? Still good?

                                            1. Mitzi's (100 sorauren) and Mitzi's Sister (Queen W near Jameson I think). Both a little out of the way from the downtown norm.

                                              Mitzi's menu changes by the day/chef's mood... there I had the most amazing pomegranate pancakes I have ever had.

                                              Mitzi's Sister looks a little drab bar-ish, but food is pretty good... more of the heuvos rancheros, eggs bene kind of fare.

                                              1. I can't believe that nobody has mentioned my absolute favourite yet, Morning Glory on King E. Check out www.morningglory.ca

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                                                  Its my favourite too! They have the most INCREDIBLE sausage.. and there waffles with fresh fruit compote are to die for. MMM get there early tho bc theres only a few tables and it can get full fast. They make their own ketchup too which you dont see at other breakfast places.

                                                2. I quite like Morning Glory as well, but sometimes find it's just too virtuous for first thing in the morning. Hubby & I like going to Zoulpy's on King @ Princess for breakfast before going to the market. Definitely not to be mistaken for a brunch place. Best toasted western I've ever had.

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                                                    yeah, its very fresh tasting, not exactly greasy spoon morning-after kind of breakfast

                                                    1. Just went to Fressen this morning. I realize that vegan doesn't do enough to excite your arteries but I really enjoyed the brunch. I had corn fritters that came with seasoned potatoes, a straweberry and greens salad, guacamole and salsa. Started with carrot and coconut soup. Hook me up to an i.v. of this wonderful soup. The amuse bouche was a mini muffin that was so delicious.

                                                      BTW, I am not a vegan. So I was delighted with the food served today.

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                                                        I know this is going to be a stupid question, but what exactly are corn fritters?

                                                        1. re: hungryabbey

                                                          There is no such thing as a stupid question if you don't know. I found a link to corn fritter recipes on chowhound. Here you go: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/....

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                                                            hm when I click it, It says it cant be found

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                                                              OH i got it now. hm, sounds good haha.. sounds pretty easy to make too

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                                                                Mmmm...that reminds me, my favorite Brunch place when I lived in Edmonton was Da-De-O. They serve 3 hot, fresh beignets on a place with homemade strawberry compote and icing sugar.

                                                                Anybody know of any place in TO that does something similar?

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                                                                  Cajun Corner does fresh beignets on weekends, but I don't think there is anything else for brunch.

                                                        2. Dundas Street Grill on Dundas just east of the 427. Go early. If you can't get through the line, go across the street to Red Cabin. Not a lot of good breakfast places in Etobicoke.

                                                            1. We happened upon Arelquin on Avenue Road for breakfast last weekend. Really nice – light fluffy omelets with caramelized onions & mushrooms. A basket of bread was served with an artichoke/garlic puree. It was awesome.
                                                              Coffee was great and service was good.

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                                                              1. I went to BOHO on ronce today and it was mediocre. The coffee was awful and the service was ok at best. The table next to us ordered after us but got their food first and we ordered the same things. I've been before and remembered it was better and I probably won't go back

                                                                1. I can't believe no one has mentioned KOS. It is located on the west side of Bathurst just south of Dupont. The atmosphere is not exactly astounding, but the food is the perfect greasy delight!

                                                                  Cheap and great!

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                                                                    Or, for that matter, People's Foods, at Dupont and St. George. The most un-greasy greasy-spoon breakfast around, and the perfect diner atmosphere.

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                                                                      A KOS just opened in Kensington where Belleview Grill used to be. We had breakfast there a few weeks ago and it was quite good - a better than average diner-type breakfast.

                                                                    2. Has anyone mentioned Petit Dejeuner on King East??? I love the Eggy Bread (DELISH) and Cheese Omelette.

                                                                      1. I am rather fond of Cora's. The only one I've been to is the one in Mississauga, and only at lunch time so I can't speak to how busy it might be at breakfast time. I've rarely been to a place where the food looks as good as the photos on the menu. THeir fresh fruit is wonderful! Apparently it's a chain that was founded by a single mom in Quebec about 20 years ago, and I somehow find that aspect appealing too.

                                                                        1. Petite dejuener - King St.E/Jarvis....awesome waffles and coleslaw made w/apples
                                                                          Saving Grace - Dundas/ Bellwoods.....try the espressado (avocado&espresso shake)
                                                                          Easy - Roncesvalles/King.......banana latte smoothy
                                                                          Bonjour Brioche
                                                                          Maggie's on College
                                                                          Auntie's & Uncles on Lippinscott

                                                                          1. Toast on queen street is still one of my favs.

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                                                                              We've been going to a place on Laird Avenue called Marvellous Edibles. Service is hit and miss but they have great ham and cheese omelets. My hubby loves their club sandwich. Oh and frites to die for...they serve them with this wonderful aioli. Yum..only thing is they don't open until something like 11 a.m. But very good food. Someone earlier posted about the New Yorker on Broadview....that place is scary!!!! It has to be the dirtiest restaurant I have been in. Now I love my greasy spoons but this was just plain outright nasty. If you go, do yourself a favour and don't look down at the carpetting. I prefer to end on a postive note so let me also say that we also enjoy Okay, Okay....great blueberry pancakes.

                                                                              1. re: millygirl

                                                                                I second Marvellous Edibles. They make great cake and pastries too, which I get at their other location on St. Clair.

                                                                                Marvellous Edibles
                                                                                120 Laird Dr, Toronto, ON M4G3V3, CA

                                                                                Marvellous Edibles
                                                                                2781 St Clair Ave E, Toronto, ON M4B, CA

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                                                                                  I've been going to the Sunset Grills both in Mississauga. One just opened at Winston Churchill and 401. (Argentia road). Can't go wrong with that.


                                                                            2. I thought it was just me, but Bounjour Brioche- good food or not- has had bad service, so I have opted to spend my money elsewhere.
                                                                              Brassaii on King West has good breakfast all week and brunch.
                                                                              Cora's-also great.
                                                                              Toba on King East is friendly, reasonably priced and delicious.
                                                                              The Senator does have fantastic coffee: what do they put in it?
                                                                              Fire on the East Side does a good brunch.
                                                                              Bert and Ernie's on Bloor West (or somewhere right near it) also had a good brunch. Haven't eaten up there in years, though.