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Oct 17, 2006 03:05 PM

Can I do a *whole* year of healthy cookies? The Saga of the Cookie of the Month Club...

One year, I had a brilliant ;-) idea to do a cookie of the month club for a whole year for my husband's grandma, and she loved it! I had fun with it, but it definitely was more work than I had originally intended it to be! Anyway, since then, my husband's grandma has had some health problems and her doctor has advised her to not eat sweets anymore! (I couldn't survive!) She has mentioned to my mother-in-law that she would really love it if she got cookies again this year for Christmas... hint! hint! I would really like to do this again for her because she looks forward to those cookies arriving once a month so much, but I'm not sure I can do a whole year of healthy cookies... I'm not even sure if I have *a* healthy cookie recipe in my repertoire!! So, can it be done? Do you have recipes that would work for this occasion?

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  1. My contribution to this healthy cookie question is the Breakfast Bean Cookie. I copied the recipe here, look at the end of this:
    If you are interested, I'm pretty sure I have the nutritional breakdown of this recipe at home.

    1. Cookie of the month--what a great idea! Will she eat sugar substitutes? I personally detest splenda, but you can use it in baked goods with decent results.

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        I don't think she really cares, as long as they taste good! I don't even think she really cares about the sugar and I'm betting she doesn't follow any sort of a diet, but I just don't want to be a contributor at this point. I'm not even sure on what exactly her diet should entail, but I figured if I could lean more towards the healthy end of the spectrum, then that would be a good thing. Splenda is a good idea, especially if it does bake up well.

      2. I think I'd head to the library and look at some diabetic cookbooks (or websites) , if not for the recipes themselves, for inspiration. Also, perhaps offering "Dessert of the Month" would free you up a bit from having to create 12 different delicious cookies that fit the bill.
        How about fruit and/or nut clusters quickly dipped in dark chocolate or something...probably still to much sugar, though. hmmm.

        I hope I have a granddaughter as thoughtful as you someday.

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          Thank you... that's sweet of you to say... I stress myself out sometimes over finding the "perfect" gifts, but the Cookie of the Month club was a real winner! Everytime she would hear something at the door, she would make her boyfriend get up to see if it was the UPS man with her cookies! :-)

          You reminded me of Eating Well's website which I always seem to forget about... it looks like they have some good options!

        2. What a great idea!! Would you mind if I asked what your preferred method of mailing is? My grandmother would LOVE this! Thanks!

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            I usually ship UPS ground which gets it there the next day... it can be a little pricey, but I figure I would have spent that on a present anyway and this way the cost is spread out. (I don't know if this is the best way to do it, but I like the lady that works at the UPS by me and she always asks me about what kind of cookie I made this month, etc.) I bought boxes like these and I decorate them according to the season and usually pack the cookies in cellophane bags with some kind of cushioning as well.

          2. Oh, I would try Cooking Light magazine for cookie recipes, they often have low(er) fat/sodium cookies :-)