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Oct 17, 2006 03:02 PM

Chestnut Puree - Ideas?

I bought a can of chestnut puree, it says it is sweetened. Looking for ideas on what I could make using it....Anyone? Thanks!

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  1. Try making some chocolate bread pudding & adding it to the base. Maybe use a bittersweet chocolate & reduce the sugar accordingly.

      1. Use as a filling for crepes.

        1. servie it with high quality vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate rum/brandy sauce...oh, decadence!

          1. Thanks everyone! Yum. Love bread pudding. Have never tried mont blanc but have looked now at some recipes, sounds good!
            Love crepes, will think about that one. Serve with chocolate sauce on top maybe?
            The ice cream ones does sound decadent, & easy for last-minute dessert idea as well. Thanks!!