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A little off topic - Smith Street - Drinks

I am meeting a group on Smith Street tomorrow evening in Brooklyn and would like two recommendations for a group of 6. First - an interesting bar in the vicinity to gather in before dinner. And, two, a nice place to nosh which be more friendly than expensive. Any and all recommendations most welcome!

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  1. Meet at Brooklyn Social Club for proper cocktails, then walk to Chestnut for dinner and get the $25 3 course mid week deal.


    Meet at SAMPLE for interesting wine and sangria, then walk to newly opened La Lunetta for Italian.

    Search on the board for reviews.

    1. Both are excellent suggestions from Chow Gal and would be my suggestions as well.

      1. Sometimes the first response just hits the nail on the head. Bklyn Social and Chestnut... perfect for a Wednesday night. (written only in case you needed more input).

        1. Oh I just remembered that Sample is having its 3rd anniversary party on wednesday night, so it might be a little busy to get 6 in.

          1. brooklyn social for drinks and then frankie's 457 for more good drinks and nibbles.

            or, brooklyn social for drinks and then chance for good drinks and dim sum/small plates. The food at chance is asian, good, and, if you stay away from the main courses, very inexpensive. last time i was in to pick up take out i watched the bartender stuffing glasses with lots of fresh mint and sugar cubes (and some with kiwis) for mojitos. they looked very good!

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              How about Brooklyn Social followed by Porchetta on Smith Street. I had dinner there last night and it was terrific. I think they have a nightly prix fixe menu, too.

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                Really? The early reviews after the opened were very poor so we have avoided. What did you have for dinner?

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                Here's a variation.

                Minibar - tiny little bar right across the street from Frankie's on Court Street or Abilene for drinks; then Frankie's for dinner.

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                  6 at mini? so long as noone else is there when they get there, eh.

              3. Nehna. They may have had a rocky start, but everything I tried last night was great. They served a butternut squash soup with mascarpone that was nicely spicy and rich. I shared a scallop entree with cabbage and pancetta that I loved and a great pappardelle with rabbit, mushrooms and rosemary that was the best pasta dish I've had in a long time. Give it a try. The room is really cozy, too. I'd go back in a second.

                1. I was just at Bar Tabac the other night, while the food wasn't exceptional, it wasn't terrible. The staff however was incredible. The waitress overheard that it was my anniversary weekend, they gave us a complimentary glass of champagne and desert.

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                    Good service at Tabac? That's something I haven't heard in a while... not since their old owner left at least.

                  2. I like mini bar..the drinks are reasonable and well made, and the owner (Jennifer) is a really cool lady.

                    1. or ... you could have both drinks and nosh at Ceol, the friendly Irish pub on Smith near Warren. They have a three-course, $20 dinner special and the freshly-baked soda bread is divine.

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                        I love the atmosphere at Ceol, esp the back room, on a cold day it's so cozy with the fire place going...

                      2. the bklyn social recs sound the best. i personally would do the Ceol thing maybe but the food is completely what it is and maybe not to the tastes of all 6 in your crew.

                        1. This thread was started in October of last year. I'll wager the drinks have long been consumed, the meal eaten. But for people still thirsty and hungry I'll strongly recommend the Zombie Hut / Chestnut combination.

                          Regular readers know that Chestnut draws almost automatic raves on the OB board - that's not news. What doesn't get mentioned, however, is the bar next door - the Zombie Hut.

                          Yes, it has a tiki bar theme but it's easy to get over it. The tiki stuff is kind of fun in a kitschy kind of way. The drinks, however, are first rate. While they specialize in faux Polynesian concoctions, they make excellent versions of all the standards. A few weeks ago I was part of a group of 4 and we enjoyed nicely made vodka and gin martinis along with glasses of wine and some beers. (No, I didn't drink all of that myself. Even I have limits.)

                          The bar area is nice enough but there is a small lounge in back with a very pleasant gas fireplace. Our group arrived at 7:00PM and on a cold night we had it all to ourselves. It was perfect.

                          Zombie Hut recruits very tall and very pretty women as bartenders. Normally this is a dangerous way to assemble a staff since competency tends to get the short end. ZH, however, is the exception to the rule. The bartenders do an excellent job across the board - the drinks are well made and the service is prompt and friendly.

                          After drinks, walk next door to Chestnut for a first rate meal. It couldn't be more convenient.

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                            One of those very tall very pretty women is the owner! Agreed, once you get past the initial squeemishness at being at a tikibar, it's a nice place to hang out. I generally lean toward old man bars, but this is nice for a change, esp on a summer day.