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Quiche Lorraine, Bananas Foster, etc.

I'm trying to compile a list of dishes (not brands) that are named after specific people or places -- quiche Lorraine, crepes Suzette, bananas Foster, crab Louis, eggs Benedict, etc.

Care to contribute any others? If you know the story behind the name, so much the better!


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  1. Peach Melba (opera singer, I think), Pavlova (ballerina), Veal Oscar, Beef Stroganoff, anything Milanese, come to mind.

    1. Beef Wellington, Chicken Marengo, Caesar salad, tournedos Rossini.


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            The Mille Feuille aka Napolean was NOT named after the little Emperor. It was a derivation of the word Napolitan, someone from Naples.

          2. Waldorf salad. Melba toast. Sauce Escoffier. Burning Bush.

            1. Waldorf salad was named I believe for the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.Yes peach melba was named for a famous opera singer and Pavlova for the famous ballerina.
              Saratoga Chips,which people also call potato chips are named for the town of Saratoga,Ny and were invented there.
              Chicken Marengo was named after the Battle of Marengo.

              1. Lobster Newburg (there's a story about a Mr. Wenburg)
                Spaghetti Caruso (with chicken livers)
                Melba Toast (yes, same opera singer)

                ...and let's not forget General Tso and his famous chicken...

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                1. Thousand Islands Dressing. The owner of the Waldorf in NYC had a place there and had his chef come up with a unique salad dressing, which he so named.

                  Buffalo Wings, obvious.

                  Neopolitain pizza/ice cream. Something to do with Naples I guess.

                  Baby Ruth, named after the company owners daughter I believe. I know it's not named after George Herman Ruth.

                  Mars bar. Named after the Mars family who was big in the candy bar business.

                  NY strip loin steak, obvious again.

                  Cincinatti chili. So named after the city of origin.

                  Just a few that come to mind.


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                    There are actually several ideas over who "Ruth" is, includign President Grover Cleveland's daughter:

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                      That's the one I know. I knew it was someone.


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                      Mars family still owns the candy company.

                    3. Tarte Tatin, Philly Cheesesteak (ok, so no one in Philly would call it that, but everyone else on the continent does).

                      1. Hot Browns from the Brown Hotel in Louisville.

                        1. Pasta sauces: Bolognese, Genovese, Napolitana, Romana

                          Insalata Caprese.

                          Baked Alaska

                          1. nachos!
                            How could i be the first to think of that?

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                              Were these really named after someone named Nacho (Ignacio?)

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                                Nacho is a common nickname for men in northern Mexico.

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                                  No kidding...that's why I mentioned Ignacio, the name Nacho is the derivative of. I'm wondering if Nachos were named after a person named Nacho, like the Cesar salad is supposedly named after Tijuana's C├ęsar Cardini.

                            2. Manhattan and New England clam chowders. Frankfurters, hamburgers. Kaiser roll, potatoes O'Brien. Denver omelet, Martha Washington cake.

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                                I lived in Frankfurt and never saw a frankfurter there. The indigenous sausage is a big white bratwurst.

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                                  But in Hamburg, you can get a hamburger.

                              2. Shirley Temple

                                California Roll

                                1. Cocktail-wise:
                                  - Gimlet (after Sir Thomas Gimlette, a naval surgeon who helped wipe out scurvy by recommending lime juice rations)
                                  - Joan Collins (a Tom Collins made with vodka)

                                  - Fettucine Alfredo
                                  - Cherry Garcia ice cream from B&J
                                  - Garibaldi biscuits, after Giuseppe Garibaldi who unified modern Italy (these are British, dunno if you can get them in the US - we also call them fly biscuits because the raisins look like smashed flies)
                                  - Many French culinary basics: Bechamel, mirepoix - all EPONYMS

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                                    And for a short time from Ben and Jerry's, Fred and Ginger... ginger ice cream with chocolate bow ties.

                                  2. Salad nicoise (for Nice, France)

                                    Harvey Wallbanger :-P

                                    Other B&J ice creams, like Phish Food, etc.

                                    Chicken Kiev

                                    1. Wiener schnitzel (or viener...)

                                      1. Fig Newtons, after the town of Newton MA (according to one version).

                                        1. Joe's Special (hamburger, eggs, spinach, garlic, olive oil scramble from San Francisco).

                                            1. Yang Chow fried rice, West Lake soup, and Peking Duck are some Chinese contribution to the list.

                                              Shirley Temple, Roy Rogers.

                                              1. Denver Omlette.

                                                Spanish Omlette

                                                Brunswick Stew

                                                Where's Texas Toast to chime in on this.

                                                Mississippi Mud Pie

                                                Boston Cream Pie

                                                NY Strip Steak

                                                Boston Baked Beans

                                                It's an endless list. Fun though


                                                1. Can't forget the Arnold Palmer, and isn't there some kind of casserole called Johnny Mazzetti?

                                                  1. Mayonnaise, after Port Mahon

                                                    Key limes

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                                                      Possible that mayonaise is from the Duke of Mayenne in northern France, rather than the battle. See:


                                                    2. Apple Brown Betty
                                                      Pommes Anna
                                                      Belgian Frites/ French Fries
                                                      Boston Cream Pie
                                                      Berliner (I am a Jelly Donut!)
                                                      Brussel Sprouts
                                                      Cheddar Cheese
                                                      Point Reyes Blue Cheese
                                                      Maytag Blue
                                                      Jamon Iberico

                                                      basically anything with an AOC designation...

                                                      1. Pizza Margarite

                                                        Beaufort Stew

                                                          1. re: KitchenAid

                                                            Has someone already said eggs benedict?

                                                            1. re: Pei

                                                              And was it actually named after someone? What about eggs blackstone?

                                                              1. re: Glencora

                                                                Legend has it that someone requested it at Delmonico's in NYC, and his last name was Benedict. http://www.brunch.org/eggsbenedict/ar...

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                                                                  Eggs Sardou was named for Victorien Sardou

                                                                  from whatscookingamerica.net

                                                                  "Eggs Sardou (sahr-DOO) - This is one of New Orleans' grand egg dishes, created, as were so many classic dishes, at the famous Antoine's Restaurant. It consists of poached eggs, topped with creamed spinach, artichoke hearts, and hollandaise sauce.

                                                                  History: Legend has it that Antoine Alciatore (18224-1877) created this dish especially for French playwright Victorien Sardou (1831-1908) on the occasion of a dinner he hosted for the playwright. During the 19th century, Sardou produced light comedies, satiric tragedies, and historical dramas such as La Tosca. Sardou is considered one of the greatest figures of the Art Nouveau culture and his plays were popular in America."

                                                                  Tarte Tatin was named after 2 sisters who created the dish. it was their last name.

                                                            2. Gateau St. Honore (patron saint of pastry chefs)
                                                              Sacher Torte (self-named for the pastry chef who created it)
                                                              Lady Baltimore cake
                                                              Hoppin' John
                                                              Anadama Bread (Vermont speak for "Anna, damn her!")
                                                              Brunswick Stew
                                                              Welsh Rarebit (dinner for when Welsch rabbit hunters return empty-handed)
                                                              Paris Brest (bicycle race between Paris and Brest)

                                                              1. And the Lord of Sandwich?

                                                                1. omelette Arnold Bennet. Can't believe no-one has mentioned it yet!

                                                                    1. Denver omelette

                                                                      pasta puttanesca!!--you said named after people


                                                                      wieners--for Vienna frankfurters--for Frankfort and how about vienna franks--is that what those little franks in a can are called?
                                                                      Hot German potato salad

                                                                      1. Some places:

                                                                        English muffins, Dover sole
                                                                        Irish oatmeal
                                                                        Scotch eggs
                                                                        Belgian waffles
                                                                        French toast, French dip
                                                                        <your choice of> Danish
                                                                        Swedish meatballs
                                                                        Spanish rice
                                                                        Greek salad
                                                                        Turkish taffy, Turkish delight
                                                                        Chicken Kiev
                                                                        Madras curry, Bombay duck

                                                                        In NJ, there's a Hoboken sandwich (but I've never seen it anywhere else)...and if we're having drinks with dinner, don't neglect a Bronx, a Manhattan, a Singapore Sling, a Berliner Weiss, a glass of Port or Sherry, or - to cover it all - a Cosmopolitan!

                                                                        1. Cobb salad, it was named after the Brown Derby's owner Robert H. Cobb.

                                                                            1. re: lemon

                                                                              I'm not getting much about this on google. Would you elaborate please?

                                                                              1. re: bryan

                                                                                It's a recipe from the Joy of Jello.

                                                                            2. Queen Elizabeth Cake
                                                                              Linzer Torte
                                                                              Nanaimo Bars

                                                                                1. Chicken Arlene Frances was something my aunt served, to rave reviews, maybe around 1965. She was evasive for a long time about the recipe but eventually revealed: one jar apricot jam,
                                                                                  one package Lipton Onion Soup. Mix thorughly. Cover chicken and bake. I think there was also a teaspoon of lemon zest involved. Not sure it would hold up today but was delicious then. Evidently Arlene Frances was a lot less embarrassed about the ingredients to Chicken Arlene than certain other people.

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                                                                                  1. re: lemon

                                                                                    This sounds a lot like Chicken Connie Frances.

                                                                                    1. re: pizzaguy

                                                                                      Oh, that's interesting! I always assumed it was German from the country. See what a wonder the Internet is! :-D

                                                                                      1. re: Covert Ops

                                                                                        And I thought I knew everything.


                                                                                    2. Just to clarify, quiche Lorraine is named after an area in France, not a person named Lorraine.

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                                                                                      1. re: jmnewel

                                                                                        The original poster was asking for foods named for people OR places.

                                                                                      2. French Dip sandwich. http://www.philippes.com/restaurant/

                                                                                        Arnold Palmer

                                                                                        Maytag Blue Cheese. http://www.foodreference.com/html/fma...

                                                                                        Crepes Suzette.

                                                                                        In fact, this website holds countless histories of foods. Just click on Food History Articles.

                                                                                        1. How could I forget Monterey Jack cheese. Early on, Monterey was a big dairy area and one of the most prominent local dairymen was surnamed Jacks. So it was Monterey Jacks cheese.


                                                                                          1. Pismo clams

                                                                                            Santa Maria Style BBQ (a whole meal of oak pit roasted top block, stewed pinquito beans, and salsa)


                                                                                            1. And...roll the drums for the dish immortalized by Sue Ann Nivens 30 years ago: Veal Orloff, the dish that waits for nobody.

                                                                                              1. Turkey Tetrazzini ( after Luisa Tetrazzini, a soprano whose appetite for food was exceeded only by her appetite for Men )
                                                                                                Veal Oskar ( after Norway's King Oscar )
                                                                                                Lobster Fra Diavolo ( obviously after the Prince of Darkness )
                                                                                                ...and the most notable dish of all..Vongole Matarazzo !
                                                                                                Named , of course, after Myself. :)