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Oct 17, 2006 02:51 PM

Time for soup!

The weather, at least in Chicago, is getting colder, and I can feel myself coming down with a cold. While I am still clear-headed, I want to make some soup that can get me through the week. My typical soups are tomato parmesan, baked potato, bacon leek tomato, and chili. I am looking to expand my soup skills...anyone have a good soup recipe? Anything from chicken noodle to more inventive soups are welcomed.

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  1. Here is a recent thread on soup recipes that I started; lots of good ideas here:
    Here is a recipe from Funwithfood that I'm actually planning to make this week:
    And healthy soups:

    1. Foodrocks, For virtually limitless inspiration go to:

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      1. foodrocks... would you want to share your bacon, leek, and tomato soup or your tomato parmesan recipe? They both sound good!

        1. Broccoli Rice Soup
          Saute about 1/2 medium onion in Olive Oil
          Add 1 bag of cut up broccoli florets or 2 crowns broccoli cut up
          Add 6 cups chicken stock and 1/2 cup rice
          cook until rice is done
          salt & pepper to taste
          garnish with parmesan cheese and if you are feeling gourmet, white truffle oil
          it makes enough for about 4 people, dinner size servings

          1. don't hate me, but I hardly ever use real measurements when it comes to soup. I do most of my soup cooking by taste.
            for the tomato parmesan, obviously it works best in the summer with heirloom tomatoes, but I've found that canned works just as well. I put chopped tomatoes, some carrots and onion into a large pot with water around halfway up (you can use stock, but if you have super fresh tomatoes, water tastes best) along with a few leftover rinds of parmesan. I simmer it all for as long as I can, and then throw it in a blender to puree it all, sometimes adding basil or more parm.
            For the BLT soup, I fry up some bacon and save the fat. I use some of the fat to saute sliced leeks (just the white and light green parts) until they are soft, and then I add a large 28 0z can of crushed tomatoes, beef stock, and a few pieces of cooked bacon. I let it simmer for at least an hour, and then I use a hand blender to puree it all. I adjust the flavoring by adding just a little white wine (I just love the flavor white wine gives tomatoes!) and more bacon fat. Not exactly the healthiest soup in the world, but it tastes great! I top it with more bacon, or maybe a piece toast, grilled cheese, or a mini blt. This is one of the first recipes I created on my own, so I apologize for the lack of measurements. I had seen the flavor combo in a cookbook, and just improvised it into a soup form.

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              I'm an intuitive soup cook, too.

              Curried butternut squash & pear soup:

              Cook peeled & cubed butternut squash and pear in enough chicken stock to cover. Season with curry powder, salt & pepper to taste. Puree and add a dash of cream if desired.