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Oct 17, 2006 02:20 PM

Epazote in CC Philadelphia

Sorry for more "where can I find..." questions, but, ah, does anyone know where I can find some fresh epazote in center city philadelphia? Has anyone found this in the reading terminal market? Thanks.

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  1. Not quite Center City, but I have found it at several of the Mexican groceries around 9th and Washington.

    1. They've had it at leat a few times at the Fair Food Farmstand in the RTM - if you ask for it that might increase the chances that they'd request some from their farmers.

      1. The Cantina at the terminal always has it .... Probably the Spice Rack as well ...

        1. Learn to identify it,it grows wild all over the place, I've found growing wild in my own yard and even in abandoned lots in the city. Buy some fresh, examine it and then you will know what it looks like and how it smells. It's a cinch to grow your own too.Dried just ain't the same if you ask me but naturally you'll need to use dry it during the winter.

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            I echo that. I bought one plant two years ago (from someone in Reading Terminal, I forget which stand) and put it in my garden. It self-seeded and in two years has completely taken over--there must be hundreds of plants now--I need to get rid of them! For winter, I've been freezing it rather than drying it. Now...does anyone know where to get fresh hoja santa leaves? I found some once in Union City New Jersey but that's too far a schlep!