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[SAT] The Lodge Restaurant of Castle Hills - DC Hound needs menu recs

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Our group is hosting a dinner for our President at The Lodge of Castle Hills this weekend and some of us want to know what's good and what to stay away from. Since it's a group of 20 or so we may not be able to order ala carte, but in case a set menu presents us with some options, we'd appreciate some guidance.

Also, we'd appreciate any advice about good local places to hit, especially those not overrun by armies of the unwashed (read = tourists).


Cocinero Cubano

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  1. I, too, am going to The Lodge this weekend and know next to nothing about it.

    As for other places, are you looking for places north of town (where The Lodge is) or anywhere in S.A.? Not that I can help that much, but just trying to clarify for the locals.

    1. I'll be staying at the Westin La Cantera and will have access to cabs, etc. I don't know the area at all but am willing to venture out if the eats are worth the trip.


      Cocinero Cubano

      1. No responses from S.A. hounds so I'll report that we had a great meal at the Lodge Restaurant of Castle Hills this weekend. We tried most of the dishes (the menu is dived into 4 courses (apps/salads/pasta/entree/dessert) with about 4-5 choices each. Nothing stood out as amazing but everything was very good and the place while in the suburbs is a cute 1920s house.