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Oct 17, 2006 01:49 PM

Dinner in Fairfield, IA?

Native Iowan here, embarrassed to say I've never had the opportunity to explore SE IA much. My step-daughter has a swim-meet in Fairfield tonight, and my husband and I will need sustenance after three hours in a steamy pool bleacher area. Any cuisine is fine, (would guess that there is some great Indian food there ...) but we'll be in jeans and t-shirts (steamy pool bleacher area). Thanks!!


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  1. This advice is a little late, but just go to the town square and you will find Indian and Thai restaurants there.

    1. Thanks, Doug - that's exactly what we did. Found our way to the Thai Noodle House and had some good (spicy) red curry and a "spicy" chicken. I'm not sure what it was, but it was lightly battered chicken that was sauteed enough to have a kind of caramelized crust with tons of fresh veggies all in an oily reddish brown sauce that had pieces of red chile peppers, seeds and garlic floating around. Tasty and satisfying.

      The proprietor was great - he chatted with us for a while and gave us this interesting factoid. Apparently, Fairfield has 51 restaurants and about 9,000 people. It was a fun way to fuel up for the ride home!