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Jan 3, 2005 10:24 PM

Good sausage makers (beyond Saad's and Aidell's)?

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So I have tried Schaub's in Palo Alto (Mild Italian and Bratwurst). Disappointed on both counts, the italian was way too salty with a little weird herb flavor, not fennel. I realize fennel is sometimes recommended against for some cooking, but generally makes the sausage tastier in my opinion. The bratwurst was also too salty and the spice mixture didn't taste complex, something came through very strongly, and was unpleasant (and pricey!). I also tried Andronico's Italian and all I could taste was salt. Very disappointed. I had some ground "New York Sausage Co." stuff from Safeway (they seem local) and it was Ok, but I have been having to stick with Johnsonville (not bad, but looking for something better). Any good/or crazy recommends would be appreciated. I love Chowhound!

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    I love the sausages (and other items) at Cafe Rouge in Berkeley. They have a wonderful meat counter there.


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      I admittedly keep one eye on the ingredients, expecially the fat content, so I'm sure I'm denying myself some very tasty products. I do like Dibrova's Spicy Italian a lot, and some of their other low (or lower) fat sausages are good. Niman Ranch's sausages tend to be hit and miss, but their beef hot links are not bad, and not very high in fat.

      1. re: Gary Soup
        Robert Lauriston

        Niman's meat is tops, but with the exception of the hot dogs I don't think their sausages are very good.

    2. Taylor's Sausage in the Housewives Market/Swan's - Old Oakland is a small local sausage maker that does a nice job. I love their boudin blanc - they make a pretty broad range of sausages. Andouille, hot links, etc..... here's a link that includes the particulars...


      1. Try Dittmer's, at 400 San Antonio Road in Mountain View. They're an old-style German deli with a great variety of excellent sausages.



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          Yes, I can add my kudos to Dittmers. I trek
          down there a few times a year for their
          excellent chunky liverwurst and always
          bring back some sausages.

        2. Gerhardt's (located in Napa) makes good sausages -- including an excellent Syrian lamb sausage. Unfortunately, it is not found in Bay Area stores, as far as I can tell. If your supermarket carries Gerhardt's other offerings, you can get them to special-order the lamb sausages. I used to make trips up to Napa to buy them directly from the factory (5 lb. minimum) but they stopped doing that. Probably too much of a bother, so I began to make my own. I think Gerhardt ought to stop making all those chicken-apple thingies that everyone else makes and just stick to the Syrian sausages. JMHO.

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            Melanie Wong

            For Italian-style sausage, I recommend Little City in SF's North Beach, especially the spicy ones if you like heat.

            The thread linked below has some excellent sources too.


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              Little City also makes very good breakfast sausages. (Italian style)

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                Melanie Wong

                Further afield, Sonoma County has a number of great sausage makers. Link below.


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                Rats, that reminds me that I've probably missed their Christmas variety. Little City does make some excellent Italian-style sausage.

                1. re: Peter Yee
                  Melanie Wong

                  Ooh, tell us about it! Now I'm sorry I got hung up so long at Molinari's a couple weeks ago . . . ran out of time to make a stop at Little City.

                  Um, what about the fresh Italian sausages that Molinari sells?


                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    Haven't tried Molinari's fresh sausages. But those are available year round, so I guess I just haven't been in a hurry!