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Where to go in the Reisterstown area?

Any good advice would be so greatly appreciated. I don't care what type of restaurant it is or what they serve. Just has to be with in a 20-30 min. drive from Reisterstown. I've tried Harryman house and did not like it for many reasons. Anyone tried Michos?
Please help. We are a family of 5 with 3 little ones (all very well behaved)

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  1. Mr Chelsea's BBQ is very good, on Reisterstown near Painters Mill. Very casual so should be good for kids. Excellent pulled pork and pretty good brisket. Love the beans. Haven't had the ribs yet but they look very good.



    1. Try TONINI'S its about a mile or two above the Harryman House
      right at the split for #140 and #30(across from the Royal Farms)..casual Italian with great food....
      Micho's is upscal white tablecloth and my one experience was so so!!!(both places run by the same folks)

      1. I know there must be folks in my area that are logging on to chowhound. Please...help. I'm tired of "family restaurants" that serve burgers (I do love burgers) and brown food.

        1. Perhaps you can be more specific as to what you're looking for. Tonini's has gotten some good reviews, and you didn't say you didn't want burgers. Not sure what brown food is.

          Bateman's has a varied menu and is relatively kid friendly.

          Que Rico has pretty good rotisserie (sp?) chicken.

          Mark's Deli, near Tonini's, was good in the past, but I've not been since the old owner died.


          1. Try Mari Luna Mexican place south of 695 about 2 miles on Reisterstown Road. Not exactly in Reisterstown, but close- and excellent, but popular. Also, in the same area is decent Chinese at Mr Chan's.

            1. I have to agree on Mari Luna.....probably the best Mexican food in Baltimore....very reasonable...great for families...service and food are outstanding!.

              Haven't been to Michos, but hear its very expensive and not worth it.
              I have been to Mr Chelseas Barbq twice......dissapointed both times....nothing special

              Que Rico...absolutely the driest flavorless chicken I have ever had....and the fries were in edible. How that place stays in business is a miracle! Don't bother!

              1. I get over to the Reisterstown area about once a month. Here are restaurants on my "to try" list:

                First Watch - a breakfast and lunch place near the Giant off Old Court Road. It is difficult to find. A road on the right hand side of the Giant leads you there. It had a write-up in the Sun a few months ago and had a line out the door the day I tried to go there.

                Mia Carolina, 4844 Butler Road, Glydon (i read about it here).

                Due Restaurant, located just off Reisterstown Road near McDonough Road. I heard that Linwoods, its sister restaurant closed except for catering and special events, but Due is still open.

                I would be interested in hearing what you don't like about the Harryman House. For me, their food is consistently good and the menu creative. Their black bean soup is wonderful.

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                  I'm afraid you have it backwards. Due closed and Linwoods remains open. As I understand it, Due is being used for catered private affairs. In any case, Linwoods is quite expensive and probably not the best choice even with well-behaved youngsters.

                2. Due closed, the not-exactly-child-friendly Linwood's is open.

                  1. For seafood, try The Backfin in Pikesville, on Reistertown Rd. at Sudbrook La. Good crab cakes, and reasonably priced.

                    1. Another vote for Mari Luna here - Absolutely great food and BYO

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                        Mari Luna recently got a liquor liscense and is no longer BYOB. If there margaritas are half as good as there food....who cares/
                        Also...they are planning to open a 2nd restaurant in the spring....just up the street from their existing location ( Much larger with a larger menu)....the liquor liscense will move to the new location and their present location will go BACK to being BYOB

                      2. It is not in Reisterstown but there is a fabulous deli in the Greenspring Shopping Center called Miller's Deli. Been in Baltimore 40 years and has the best corned beef, pastrami, kugel, knishes and on and on in real deli food. There grilled chicken is the best as well as there stuffed cabbage and brisket.
                        I agree that Mari Luna has the best Mexican in the area.

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                          miller's may have been better a while back

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                            Miller's was good before it moved to Smith Ave. It was very good when it was next to Pariser's Bakery on Reisterstown Rd. Jumbo Seafood has my vote for Pikesville/Reisterstown grub. Wonderful Chinese, has been written up well many times www.jumboseafoodpikesville.com

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                              Does Jumbo still have the share-a-table-with-stranger thing going on?