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Oct 17, 2006 01:25 PM

Help with Group of 12...Planning for late November

I know this topic has been brought up many times, but most suggestions don't seem inspiring. I need a restaraunt that can accomodate a group of 12. Private room is ok but not neccessary. Price per person $50-75. I'm not worried about location. Group is made up of 30 year old's who like good food and a fun atmosphere. Any ideas? Thanks in advance-

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  1. How about the wine cellar at 'inoteca? I went to a bday dinner party there a few months ago and it was nicely done. They can also do a special menu (this way people don't have to worry about ordering).

    You mentioned wanting something "fun" so I'm not sure if this idea is too "tame."

      1. I think Parea would be a good fit. Another Hound just posted a review (link provided) with which I totally concur.

        Parea's website:

        Or maybe Barbounia? Good food + excellent service + a big, very attractively decorated space (no problem handling large groups) + an energetic vibe.

        1. congee village--just had a party there a few weeks ago. you can also karaoke, which is even more fun after all the drinking that happens. they let you have the banquet room for the entire night, so it's nice not to worry about turnover.

          blue ribbon bakery's private room can (tightly) fit 12.

          uncle nick's (on 9th avenue) has a nice little alcove 'booth' in the back that can fit 12.

          re inoteca: i had a birthday dinner there a few years back, and we had 10 people. they seated us at two tables put together that made an L; not very great for conversation. if you do go this option, you may want to doublecheck this unusual table layout. also inoteca only has one beer on tap, and no liquor, i believe, if that's important to you.

          other places you may want to look at are: blue smoke, palma (farmhouse), barbuto (kitchen table), jane, and various steakhouses. most of these places i have not been to, they are just on a list i had when trying to plan a work holiday dinner...

          1. How about ALTA? Its on w. 10th St, just east of 6th Ave. Great spot for groups, amzing, creative tapas to share and in your budget. And such a beauiful setting.